Free Breast Cancer Screening for Jews in Philadelphia
A team of leading experts in the fields of cancer research and genetics will soon launch the pilot phase of a new, independent research initiative in Philadelphia
Rosh Hashanah Honey Bread From Beta Israel
One of the most exotic foods for Rosh Hashanah comes from the Ethiopian Jewish community, or Beta Israel. Yemarima yewotet dabo is a special type
Basic Guide to Voting in the PA Primary
When is the Pennsylvania Primary? Tuesday, May 15th, from 7 AM to 8 PM. Who can vote in the Primary? In Pennsylvania, only voters who are registered
What About Self-Defense?
Almost every day, we hear and read news about verbal and even physical attacks of Jewish students on college campuses. In many instances, it makes
The Etrog: The Father Of All Lemons
Have you ever felt an uncontrollable urge to cut the etrog in half? Many of us wonder why we bring this strange fruit into our sukkah.
Homemade Raw Butterfingers
Healthy butterfingers are candy bars that defy all logic. They are perhaps one of the most underrated chocolate candy bars in the market.
Barrack Students Visit Home of the Paper Clips Project
When their plane touched down in Tennessee, Emma Dorsch, Sarah Scheinmann, Rebecca Shaid and Maddison Barrack — four high school students from the Jack M.
Kosher Meat From Humanely Treated Animals
The novelist and biologist Barbara Kingsolver wrote about her family’s decision to eat only meat from humanely raised animals in her 2007 memoir,
Conservative Movement OKs Corn, Peas on Passover
The Committee of Jewish Laws and Standards (CLJS) of the Conservative movement determined that it is permitted, for both Sephardi and Ashkenazi Jews, to eat
Jewish Population by Congressional District
Joshua Comenetz has broken down the American Jewish population by Congressional district. Here are the local numbers: The estimate of the Jewish