The Best Аntique Furniture Stores in Philadelphia

Philadelphia proudly preserves a rich history and heritage through many avenues, antiquities most assuredly among them. With styles spanning Queen Anne to Shaker, Federal to Art Deco and beyond, there is a story to tell in every heirloom here. Antique shops lining the cobblestone streets of Old City and surrounding suburbs have been curating collections for decades, champions of craftsmanship, character and timeless taste. In the article we have made for you an overview of the best antique furniture stores in Philadelphia.

Jinxed Fishtown Is One of The Best Аntique Furniture Stores

Jinxed Fishtown curates an eclectic selection of furniture and objects from A aesthetic to Zelig with each piece guaranteed one-of-a-kind. Proprietors bring 30+ years of expertise, sourcing rare finds from extinct factories, hidden showrooms and estates of the passed. Their Fishtown space fosters a hunters heaven of forgotten gems waiting rediscovery.

Jinxed champions mid-century, bohemian luxe and Pop Surrealism for an avant garde vibe set apart. Here you’ll uncover Eames shells, Noguchi tables, Kroehler sofas and Schulz-Deyber alcoves. Every selection plays a starring role in stories untold, architectural heroes and design legends all your own. Jinxed exposes you to eras and aesthetics unparalleled, facilitating adventures in taste sure to inspire legends of your design-forward dreams.

1331 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19125


Beaux Arts Vintage

Beaux Arts Vintage curates a collection of period antiques and reproductions perfect for designs traditional or transitional. With styles spanning Shaker to Federal, Art Deco to Mid-Mod and beyond, their Oaklyn space fosters discoveries for traditionalists and contemporary spirits alike.

Proprietors source one-of-a-kind gems from farmlands, small towns and great estates themselves. An eye for detail and authentic provenance shows in selections from band saw mills, plantation porches and colonial clergy. Beaux Arts champions architectural marvels, hand-me-down heirlooms, salvage restoration material and expert restorative services.

1000 Spruce St, Philadelphia, PA 19107


Showrooms 2220

Showrooms 2220 is a 160,000 sq ft warehouse devoted to curated objects across mediums. Lighting, rugs, art, antiques and decor come together under one roof fostering a medley of influences limited only by imagination. Photography, African tribal arts and mid-century treasures share space with custom light sculptures, oil paintings and hand-knotted Silk carpets.

Showrooms champions discovery, experiencing new horizons with each turn. Here one finds inspiration as much as treasured selections. Proprietors source from private European estates, New England barns, fabric mills of the Industrial Revolution and beyond. Showrooms 2220 embraces all on the design journey. Whether furnishing a life’s work or artefacts of timeless taste, adventure lives here.

2220 E Allegheny Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19134


More Than Old

More Than Old curates a collection of mid-century, industrial and eclectic with a practiced eye toward spaces as memorable as the pieces within them. Their Fuel & Fiber space fosters a “lived-in” aesthetic, championing authentication through patina rather than surface shine alone. With rustic, raw oak butcher block tables tops rubbing shoulders with sleek steel girder cabinets, More Than Old delivers contradiction and charm in kind.

At More Than Old you’ll discover gems from Knoll, Herman Miller, Leonard and Florence Schultz of handcrafted wood and steel fame. Proprietors exalt materials most timeworn and robust, like weathered teak, brass and vulcanized rubber, reborn stories of use and adventure untold. They embrace the grit and glory days of postwar design to craft environments with character and stories sure to stand the test of time. More Than Old brings mid-century to the next level.

144 N 3rd St, Philadelphia, PA 19106


Bentwood Vintage – Mid-Century Modern Furniture and Decor

Bentwood Vintage Mid-Century Modern Furniture and Decor specializes in selections from the postwar modern design era become contemporary classics today. Their Center City shop curates authentic gems from Eames, Noguchi, Nelson as well as lesser-known avant garde designers of postwar promise.

With an eye toward preservation and restoration, Bentwood restores forgotten legends of form and function to showcase condition and character rather than surface veneer alone. Their portfolio includes dining chairs, Eames lounge chairs, Noguchi tables, Bertoia chairs and steel ark stools, oases of postwar grace ready to lend stories of style, spirit and decade to homes of taste and distinction.

4702 Reinhard St, Philadelphia, PA 19143


Mode Moderne

Mode Moderne embraces 20th century design as an art form, from streamlined silhouettes of the Mid-Century era to Rococo opulence of postmodern play. Their Center City showroom spanning 5,000 square feet introduces modern design to a next level. Here Space Age, Brutalism, Early Chicago School and California Modern share floor space with custom light sculptures and contemporary furniture objects.

Proprietors source rare museum-quality finds, architectural salvage, reconditioned classics as well as commissioned rotating exhibits. The result is a medley of influences for those daring enough to venture off the well-traveled design path. At Mode Moderne, inspiration lives amongst treasures for discovering all design decades have to offer.
Whether a wanderer or sentinel of a particular era, adventures in taste and style await at each turn. Come discover all the modern world has to offer at Mode Moderne.

159 N 3rd St, Philadelphia, PA 19106


Classic Antiques PHL

Classic Antiques PHL curates a collection of colonial era pieces, Shaker antiques and period furnishings to transport inhabitants to times of simpler taste and superior craft. Their Queen Village space fosters a cluttered yet cozy environment perfect for those seeking respite from modern unpredictability.

922 Pine St, Philadelphia, PA 19107


Vintage Philly Furniture

Vintage Philly Furniture specializes in mid-century and industrial design with authentic pedigree. Their East Passyunk space showcases teak side chairs, bent plywood tables, dollhouse furniture and lighting all bearing the fingerprints of time. Proprietors source silhouettes ranging from Frank Lloyd Wright to Eames, Noguchi, Saarinen as well as local design legends.

Their eye is ever-guided by stories of use and patina vs. surface sheen. Finds here come with tales of their former lives and the spirits that once inhabited them. Vintage Philly Furniture delivers design with character and charm enough to stand the test of lifetimes.

920 E Lycoming St. Philadelphia, PA 19124


Wolfys Furniture and Stuff

Wolfys Furniture and Stuff embraces an eclectic mashup of styles, eras and influences. Their Fishtown space is a curio cabinet of mid-century, industrial, bohemian luxe and pop surrealism. From Eames lounge chairs and Noguchi tables to macramé wall hangings and neon signage, Wolfy’s delivers moments of serendipity and joy at each turn.

Proprietors source rare finds, architectural salvage, upcycled materials and handcrafted objects to foster one-of-a-kind experiences and design adventures. At Wolfy’s, stories wait at every turn, written in the echoes of use left behind. Curiosities here have character and connections all their own.

210 N York Rd, Hatboro, PA 19040


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Gallery51 champions contemporaries pushing the boundaries of mid-century and modern design. Their 2,000 sq ft space introduces avant garde, Space Age, Brutalism and Californian Modern. Selections here include custom light sculptures, mixed media furniture, sculptural seating and organizational objects as well as limited edition art.

Gallery51 facilitates discovering and embracing all modern design has to offer. Proprietors source talent around the globe, delivering works as memorable as they are imaginative. This is a space devoted to inspiration reflecting the restless spirit of modernity itself. Gallery51 invites wandering creative minds to explore all possibilities of form, function, and possibility.

51 N 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19106


Philadelphia proudly preserves a rich history and heritage through many avenues, antiquities most assuredly among them. With styles spanning Queen Anne to Shaker, Federal to Art Deco and beyond, there is a story to tell in every heirloom here. Antique shops lining the cobblestone streets of Old City and surrounding suburbs have been curating collections for decades, champions of craftsmanship, character and timeless taste.

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