The Best Ethiopian Restaurants in Philadelphia

Philadelphia’s Ethiopian dining scene is filled with culinary delights from spicy stews and raw bar fare to coffee and brunch. Whether you crave vibrant culture, contemporary cuisine or comfort, these best Ethiopian restaurants bring the flavors of Ethiopia to life.

Abyssinia – Is One Of The Best Ethiopian Restaurants

Abyssinia - Is One Of The Best Ethiopian Restaurants
Plus & Minus
Affordable fare
Friendly service
Generous portions
Vibrant ambiance
Community institution
Upstairs cocktail bar
Limited menu
Small space can fill up
Noisy atmosphere

 Abyssinia Restaurant serves traditional Ethiopian fare in a colorful, vintage space. The menu features dishes like injera bread to soak up stews and wat salads, kebabs, fish and vegetarian fare. High-quality, authentic ingredients are used for complex flavors, spice and hearty comfort. Affordable prices make dining out suitable for any budget or occasion.

Generous portions meant for sharing invite time spent around one table, encouraging community and conversation. While narrow in selection, quality, freshness and value build loyal following and scene unto itself. Upstairs cocktail bar, Fiume, extends ambiance into the night. Overall, Abyssinia aims to provide an experience suiting budget meal, date, date night or group hangout.

Ingredients represent Ethiopian cuisine truthfully rather than adaption for contemporary Western tastes. Preparations preserve cultural heritage through cooking techniques, spices and ingredient choices rather than fusion. Fresh, seasonal fare highlights quality over excess. Everything from homemade sauces and pickled vegetables to starchy sides like collard greens or kale suit heartier fare over light or delicate. Authenticity drives experience over health trends or convenience.

Address: 54 E Passyunk Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19147
(215) 725-3300
Working hours: Mon-Thu 11am-10pm, Fri-Sat 11am-11pm, Sun 12pm-10pm

The menu focuses on traditional Ethiopian specialties, stews, salads and kebabs served with injera bread. Vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options make space inclusive but limited selection and lack of contemporary add-ins reflects dedication to cultural tradition. Beverages from mead to Ethiopian beers further showcase heritage. Experience feels transported to Addis Ababa rather than catering to popular food fare or dietary restrictions.

Reviews cite generous portions, affordable prices, complex flavors and cultural authenticity for making any visit feel special. Many see Abyssinia as providing an immersive taste of unique heritage rather than mainstream cuisine or contemporary concepts. The vintage, colorful space and history as community institution add to experience rather than catering to trend. Overall experience prioritizes cultural heart, quality and value over style, trend or flexibility. Dining at Abyssinia feels like nourishment and adventure rather than following tastes.

In summary, Abyssinia Restaurant serves traditional Ethiopian fare in a colorful, vintage West Philly space. Generous portions, affordable prices, high-quality ingredients and authentic cooking invite immersive cultural experience suiting budget, date or group. While narrow in selection, the experience aims to transport diners rather than adapting cuisine to fit popular tastes or trends. Fresh, hearty and complex flavors come together with community-building ambiance and drinks from mead to beer. The restaurant functions as a cultural institution rather than following food trends, seen as ideal for feeling adventurous within unique heritage. Reviews highlight authentic immersion and special occasion feel at approachable price point. Abyssinia achieves showcasing passion through experience over variety, scene or health focus.

Alif Brew & Mini Mart

Plus & Minus
High-quality Ethiopian coffee
Fresh injera bread & stews
Spacious casual space
Sidewalk patio
Community events
Fair trade & veggie/vegan options
Limited dinner fare beyond stews
Can get crowded during peak hours

Alif Brew & Mini Mart dedicates itself to high-quality Ethiopian coffee, prepared as a pour-over, French press or in signature Ethiopian coffees like boshete with cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg. Freshly roasted coffee beans are available for purchase. In addition to coffee, the menu offers breakfast fare like injera bread wrapped around fillings, curries, stews and salads. Everything aims to represent Ethiopian heritage with contemporary appeal.

The spacious, minimalist interior provides opportunity to spread out, with sidewalk patio seating in nice weather. Ambiance supports staying awhile to work, read or simply unwind over coffee and conversation. Service is personal, welcoming and knowledgeable about Ethiopian coffee culture, origins and preparation methods. Community events highlight culture, raise funds for important causes and bring people together.

Ingredients highlight quality, freshness, organic and fair trade whenever possible. Coffee beans are sourced directly and roasted on-site for maximum flavor and aroma. Traditional recipes preserve cuisine while adapting to contemporary tastes and dietary considerations. Vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options demonstrate inclusivity. Everything from coffee to food aims to not just represent but immerse in unique culture.

The menu focuses on high-quality Ethiopian coffee, breakfast fare and lighter lunch options. While not a dedicated fine dining experience, emphasis is on depth of flavor, freshness and cultural significance over variety or dedicated brunch, lunch or dinner experience. Coffee and food selection demonstrates cultural expertise, heritage and passion rather than frequency or convenience. Beverages, beyond freshly brewed coffee, represent Ethiopian tea, juices and beer.

Reviews overwhelmingly praise the fresh, high-quality coffee and authentic yet approachable fare. Most see Alif as ideal for discovering Ethiopian coffee culture, enjoying cultural cuisine or casual community gathering on a smaller scale versus wide selection or dedicated dining experience. The spacious, minimalist ambiance and personalized service suit mingling, date or deeper immersion depending upon visit or mood rather than strict format. Quality, care and cultural heart of the space/food appeal ratherthan scenic design, ambiance or fine dining. Overall, Alif provides an uplifting taste of unique heritage in unpretentious, inclusive environment.

In summary, Alif Brew & Mini Mart dedicates itself to showcasing Ethiopian coffee culture and lighter fare in an unpretentious environment. High-quality, fresh ingredients and personalized service aim to immerse rather than just represent. Ambiance of spacious, minimalist interior with patio lends itself to deeper or casual experiences, and community events highlight culture. While not fine dining, emphasis is on authenticity, depth of flavor and inclusive space/food for sharing unique heritage rather than scenic experience or variety. Reviews highlight approachable yet deeply cultural experience over format or scene. Alif achieves showcasing passion for food and culture over trend or experience.

Buna Cafe

Plus & Minus
Brings vegan
Vegetarian & Ethiopian food together
Stylish space
Patio seating
Weekend brunch
Limited lunch & dinner menu
Newer spot so less established than others

 Buna Cafe brings vegan, vegetarian and Ethiopian fare together. The menu features plant-based versions of classic Ethiopian dishes, highlighting vegetables as the star rather than meat. Dishes are crafted with flair for vibrant flavors and bold spice balanced by freshness. Everything from curries to stews over rice aims to represent Ethiopian roots with contemporary, plant-focused style.

The stylish space combines sleek decor with patio for people watching. While smaller than other recommendations, it invites coziness and opportunity to unwind over simple, flavorful fare. Unlimited coffee and fresh juices provide energy without crash. Ambiance supports meal as date, work break or light weekend brunch rather than heartier dining out or community gathering.

Ingredients are natural, and highlight seasonal produce, fresh herbs, spices and grains for utmost nutrition, flavor and kick. Plant proteins like chickpeas, peanuts and miso take the place of meat. Natural sweeteners keep food from feeling heavy despite carbs and lack of fat. Everything preserves cultural roots through flavor rather than meat-focused cooking techniques or dairy/egg ingredients.

Address: 1510 E Passyunk Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19147
(215) 271-9273
Working hours: Mon-Tue 9am-3pm, Wed-Sat 9am-9pm, Sun 9am-5pm

The menu focuses on vegan and vegetarian Ethiopian fare, from curries, stews and salads to breakfast sandwiches, tacos, waffles and fruit salads. Whileoptions aim to represent cuisine with plant-based, contemporary twist, the variety leans more brunch and lunch than heartier fare. Light, balanced flavor profiles prevail over deeper stews or spice. Beverages, from fresh juices to almond milk coffee/matcha, complement the lighter plant-powered plates.

Reviews highlight fresh produce, balanced flavor profiles, bold spice and cultural twist with a contemporary plant-based heart. Most view Buna as ideal for weekend brunch, light meal, date or discovering vegan/veggie/Ethiopian cuisine on a smaller scale versus traditional dedicated dining experience. The cozy space and lighter fare suit stopping by, pleasing multiple palates or brunch with few finances as well as serious dining. Buna provides flavorful, memorable dining with cultural flair at approachable price pointrather than fining dining.
Ambiance, quality and value draw praise with plant and story at center versus immersive adventure. Overall, Buna achieves highlighting cuisine with contemporary twist for all rather than narrow audience or experience.


Plus & Minus
Eritrean & Ethiopian fare
Live music on patio
Fresh injera bread
Limited menu
Small space
Evenings can get noisy

Dahlak Restaurant & Lounge serves Eritrean and Ethiopian fare in a stylish yet cozy space. The menu represents the culinary crossroads of these cultures, featuring dishes like spicy okra, lamb stew, fresh injera bread and curries for dipping. High-quality, authentic ingredients are used for complex flavors and bold heat.

An outdoor patio provides opportunity for summer evening enjoyment, live music and drinks. The space invites lingering, mingling with community and ambiance conducive to staying awhile. While small, limited menu and minimalist design create coziness rather than openness. Ambiance supports upbeat social gathering over immersive experience.

Ingredients highlight fresh, natural and locally-sourced whenever possible. Spices are artfully blended to awaken the palate without numbing effect. Sauces provide vibrant acidity balancing richness of stews and grease of fried dishes. Fresh breads soak up every last drop. Some ingredients and preparations recallAddis Ababa street food. Authenticity and quality are prioritized over abundance or fusion.

The menu focuses on Eritrean and Ethiopian fare rather than wide selection or contemporary concepts. Limited options encourage choosing dishes to share community-style around one table. Beyond hearty specialties, lighter salads, vegetarian dishes and desserts make an appearance but protein and spice dominate. Beverages suit the cuisine, from beers to Ethiopian wines, meadas and coffees.

Address: 1219 E Passyunk Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19147
(267) 252-1219
Working hours: Mon-Thu 5pm-11pm, Fri 4pm-12am, Sat 12pm-12am, Sun 12pm-10pm

Reviews highlight fresh, natural ingredients, complex flavor profiles, bold spice and community ambiance. Most see Dahlak as ideal for lively gathering, date or discovering authentic Eritrean/Ethiopian fare on a smaller scale versus extensive menu or dedicated fine dining experience. The cozy space, high-quality cooking and patio provide opportunities to enjoy vibrant cuisine and experience over an immersive adventure or multidimensional meal. Dahlak achieves an upbeat, memorable dining out akin to street food or neighborhood spot.

In summary, Dahlak Restaurant & Lounge serves Eritrean and Ethiopian cuisine in a stylish yet cozy West Philly space with patio. Quality, authentic ingredients highlight the culinary crossroads of these cultures throughcomplex flavors, bold spice and heat. Small, minimalist design invites cozy ambiance best for gathering, lingering or casual date over fine dining or immersive experience. Live music complementsfare and drinks. Authenticity, freshness and community spirit drive eating, drinking and staying. Reviews cite ideal for discovering cuisine and experience on smaller scale versus wide selection or multidimensional meal. Dahlak aims to provide an upbeat, memorable dining out akin to street food or neighborhood favorite.

Gojjo’s twist

Plus & Minus
Twists cheesesteaks with Ethiopian spices
Juicy meat sandwiches
Fresh cut fries
Only offers sandwiches
Small space
Cheaper ambiance than other Ethiopian spots

Gojjo Ethiopian Grill is known for its twist on a classic Philly cheesesteak. The menu features an all-beef or chicken sandwich dressed with Ethiopian spices and spreads rather than traditional cheesesteak toppings. Spices provide heat and flavor while spreads contribute moistness, tang and herbal kick. The result is a flavorful, juicy sandwich with an Ethiopian twist.

The menu is limited, focusing solely on the cheesesteak sandwich and fresh cut fries. Rather than full meals, sides or ambient experience, Gojjo aims to do one thing extremely well: the Ethiopian cheesesteak. The small but stylish space and cheap fare suit this single, bold speciality.

4 W Passyunk Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19147
(215) 587-6464
Working hours: Mon-Sun 11am-10pm

High-quality, fresh ingredients are used wherever possible for optimal flavor, from fresh meats to housemade spreads. Spices and spreads are tailored to highlight Ethiopian roots with contemporary appeal. Everything revolves around crafting the most flavorful, memorable cheesesteak possible.

While the Ethiopian cheesesteak highlights a unique culinary crossroads, marrying Philly passion for the sandwich with Ethiopian cuisine, Gojjo lacks the wider cultural immersion of other recommendations. It functions primarily as a cheesesteak joint, rather than community gathering place or spot for fuller Ethiopian dining experience. Ambiance and menu support this singular focus.

Reviews overwhelmingly praise the juicy, flavorful cheesesteak and fresh cut fries, citing it as one of the best takes on an Ethiopian-Philly mashup or cheesesteak in general. Most see Gojjo as ideal when craving this specific dish, but note the limited menu and smaller ambiance, preferring other recommendations for wider culinary adventure or dedicated dining out. It establishes itself on crafting one standout speciality extremely well rather than multidimensional experience.

In summary, Gojjo Ethiopian Grill is known for its bold twist on a Philly cheesesteak. The menu focuses solely on an all-beef or chicken sandwich and fries dressed with Ethiopian spices and spreads for a unique, flavorful combination. High-quality, fresh ingredients and craftsmanship establish it as possibly the best version of this fusion concept, but limited fare and ambiance mean it lacks the wider culinary immersion of other recommendations. It aims to do one thing—the Ethiopian cheesesteak—extremely well rather than multicourse meal or community institution. The result is a memorable speciality, even if over a shorter dining experience.

Kaffa Crossing Coffee & Spice Cafe

Plus & Minus
Offers high-quality Ethiopian coffee
Breakfast fare
Lunch & dinner menu with veggie/vegan options
Cozy ambiance
Limited space & seating
Cheaper ambiance than many Ethiopian restaurants

Kaffa Crossing Coffee & Spice Cafe offers high-quality Ethiopian coffee, breakfast fare, lunch and dinner in a cozy ambiance. House-roasted coffee beans are brewed as a pour-over, French press or in signature Ethiopian coffees like boshete coffee with cinnamon, ginger & nutmeg. The menu features simple homemade fare like eggs with injera, spicy vegetable stew, lentil w’et and vegetable tibs over rice.

The space provides opportunity to unwind, work or meet friends over affordable cuisine, coffee and conversation. Artwork, plants and coffee bar create an inviting, laid-back ambiance perfect for lingering. Seating is more limited but patio space extends possibilities nice weather. The welcoming environment makes any visit feel like coming home.

Address: 1241 E Passyunk Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19147
(267) 619-5133
Working hours: Mon-Thu 8am-8pm, Fri-Sat 8am-9pm, Sun 9am-5pm

Ingredients highlight fair trade, organic and vegetarian options whenever possible using traditional spices for authentic flavor. Coffee beans are freshly roasted on-site for boldest in-house preparation. Made-from-scratch breads, stews, salads and sauces preserve cultural heritage and community. Everything aims to represent Ethiopian roots with care.

While the menu contains options beyond breakfast, Kaffa Crossing functions primarily as a coffee shop, ideal for grabbing coffee, working or meeting friends rather than dedicated dining out. Limited space, more basic ambiance and shorter operating hours compared to other recommendations suit a quicker stop or smaller gathering rather than full meal and experience. It provides high-quality coffee and fare with care and community rather than culinary immersion.

Reviews overwhelmingly praise the fresh coffee, highlight simple menu for quality ingredients, relaxing space and personal service representing Ethiopian heritage. Most see Kaffa Crossing as providing an authentic taste of culture ideal for a low-key coffee, meeting or casual meal rather than dedicated dining experience. It delivers on flavor, ethos and care rather than a highly curated menu, ambient experience or drinking destination.

In summary, Kaffa Crossing Coffee & Spice Cafe brings high-quality Ethiopian coffee and cuisine to Philadelphia in a cozy, inviting space. The casual ambiance and limited menu make it best suited as a quick coffee or coffee meetup rather than full dining experience or spending the evening. Authentic ingredients with personal, community touchpoint highlight care over an immersive culinary adventure. Fresh coffee and flavor stand out on a smaller scale.

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Almaz Cafe

Plus & Minus
Known for chili-laced kitfo (Ethiopian steak tartare) & fresh smoothies
Limited menu focused on kitfo

 Almaz Cafe is known for its chili-laced kitfo, described as an “Ethiopian steak tartare.” The spicy ground meat dish is a standout, as are freshly made smoothies, perfect for cooling the heat. The menu focuses on kitfo, smoothies and sides rather than full meals.

The smaller East Philly space lacks the community institution atmosphere of West Philly favorites like Abyssinia or Dahlak. It has a more limited, contemporary ambiance suited to grabbing kitfo or smoothie rather than an immersive cultural experience or full dining out. Seating is more basic with less opportunity to linger.

Address: 7600 Malvern Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19151
(215) 627-3161
Working hours: Mon-Sun 9am-10pm

Ethiopian food in West Philadelphia dazzles. From contemporary twists to cultural institutions, these recommendations highlight community gathering places bringing the flavors of Ethiopia home. Whether first-timer or regular, dive in and explore all this culinary heritage holds within reach. Bon appetit!

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