What’s YOUR Israel story?

Were you speechless in Jerusalem? Swept off your feet by Tel Aviv? Was your trip an adventure of a lifetime? Were you surprised by the people, the food, the landscapes?

Join us throughout Greater Philadelphia to learn to weave the answers to these questions — and many more — into your personal Israel story. At one of our multiple workshops led by professional coaches from First Person Arts, Philadelphia’s premier team of storytellers, you’ll practice the art of narrative, culminating in the chance to record your very own Israel-themed tale at a professional filming session.

Join us at one of the following storytelling workshops, all offered free of charge:

Facing the Blank Page, Facing the Yoga Mat: The Yoga of Writing

This is a healing workshop where we explore the interplay of body, mind, movement, breath and story.


  • SWEAT — Move through writer’s block to writing, with yoga exercises designed to free up mental and physical space.
  • WRITE — Tell necessary stories from the heart and mind, and work with these spontaneous writings in class.
  • READ — Become familiar with classical writings in poetry, memoir and spirituality.
  • LEARN — Discover how yoga principles of breath and synchronized movement can liberate the writer’s blockages.

To reserve your spot, please contact Lisa Grunberger at [email protected] or at (646) 369-2350. Space is limited so please reserve early!

About the Instructor
Lisa Grunberger was first exposed to yoga as a child by her babysitter, an accomplished yogini and professional flutist. Lisa went on to earn her doctorate in religious studies at the University of Chicago Divinity School. She deepened her yoga practice through Sivananda training in the Bahamas. She is prenatal certified and has taught yoga for children as well.

Lisa teaches a vigorous, but gentle Vinyasa (flowing) yoga class, which challenges students to be fully mindful in each pose. She views yoga as a dance between body, mind and breath that can return us to ourselves each time we come to the mat with an open heart and good intention.

In addition to teaching yoga in Philadelphia, Lisa teaches creative writing and literature at Temple University. She is the author of two books: “Yiddish Yoga: Ruthie’s Adventures in Love, Loss and the Lotus Position” and a poetry collection, “Born Knowing.” Her play, “Almost Pregnant,” about motherhood and infertility premiered in Philadelphia.

A Tale of Two Readings: Lisa Grunberger to Read From Her Work

Philadelphia’s arts and culture life is, to use Ernest Hemingway’s felicitous phrase, “a moveable feast.” Writer and award-winning poet Lisa Grunberger has contributed to this life of art and culture since she moved to Philadelphia nine years ago.

Lisa Grunberger

Lisa Grunberger

Grunberger, the Arts & Culture editor of The Philadelphia Jewish Voice, is an assistant professor of English at Temple University. She has published two books: the poetry collection Born Knowing, and the modern Jewish folktale Yiddish Yoga: Ruthie’s Adventures in Love, Loss and the Lotus Position. Grunberger will be presenting her works in Philadelphia at both a poetry reading (October 8) and a book reading (October 15). [Read more…]