A Jewish Case for Voting Libertarian

by Brian Kresge, Gary Johnson Campaign’s Jewish Outreach Director

William Weld (l) and Gary Johnson (r).

Governors William Weld (MA) and Gary Johnson (NM).

In 2016, we’re seeing one of the most heated, if not unusual, races in recent history. Two candidates without precedent: a celebrity narcissist and questionable businessman, and a scandal-clad professional politician who happens to also be the first female major party nominee.

The voting calculus could follow the usual “lesser of two evils” formula. The argument that we must choose merely on the merits of how bad the other is may hold interest for those Jews with moral constructs that put Clinton below Donald Trump on their scales, or for those wary of the beleaguered relationship with Israel these last eight years.

I urge proponents of a “lesser of two evils” argument to reread our Jewish proof texts. [Read more…]