Technion Joins with Cornell for new Institute in Manhattan

Steve and Ilene Berger; Professor Adam Shwartz and his wife Shuli; and Linda Richman, executive director of ATS (American Technion Society) Philadelphia region. Photo by Bonnie Squires

Steve and Ilene Berger; Adam and Shuli Shwartz; and Linda Richman. Photo: Bonnie Squires.

Ilene and Steve Berger hosted a reception at their Ventnor, NJ residence for Professor Adam Shwartz, immediate Past Director of the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Innovation Institute in Manhattan. [Read more…]

Groundbreaking Research at Technion

Brain-Computer Interface: Overcoming Brain Injury

Once the stuff of science fiction, Technion researchers are developing technology that would allow a person paralyzed by ALS or Parkinson’s disease to move an object using only his thought processes. Prof. Miriam Zacksenhouse discusses her cutting-edge research in brain-computer interface: the point where brain research meets robotics.
TCE: Technion Computer Engineering Center

As computer technology has evolved, the boundaries between electronics and software have blurred. The new Technion Computer Engineering Center combines faculty from both areas, while also connecting Technion researchers to industry. Ruth Boneh, Director TCE and formerly of Intel, explains the novel concept.