Young, Jewish and American: What Trump’s Presidency Means for Us

Donald Trump’s presidency is now a reality. Over the next 72 days, the peaceful transition of power will begin: policies will be developed, cabinet members will be appointed and inaugural plans will be put in place. Yet President-elect Trump’s victory brings about an uncertainty that American Jews have never quite experienced before. We have already seen protests as well as racist and anti-Semitic graffiti in Philadelphia and around the country, and fundamental questions about Israel and social policies remain unanswered.

As President Obama’s tenure winds down, and President-elect Trump prepares to take office, what do we as young Jewish Americans need to know? Tribe 12 brings together the following panel of experts (who also happen to be millennials — well, under 40 anyway), who will provide perspective, insight and rational next steps:

Jeremy Bannett, Associate Director, ADL Philadelphia (Anti-Defamation League)
Gregg Roman, Director, Middle East Forum
Miriam Steinberg-Egeth, Director, Center City Kehillah
Dr. Seth Kaufer, Republican Ward Leader
Brett Goldman, Moderator

What do we need to know, how do we stay informed, and what steps can we take to be engaged during this unprecedented period of history in America? Bring your questions for our expert panel.

Field House is hosting this event and offering special prices on drinks and and on a select bites menu.