Shema Flashmobs Support Anat Hoffman & Religious Pluralism

Today USCJ is coordinating a Global Sh’ma FlashMob in support of Jewish pluralism in the face of the arrest of Anat Hoffman for chanting the Shema at the Kotel. Those in the states are timed to those held today in Israel.

KOACH is asking kehillot, members, friends and affiliates and everyone who cares about this matter to gather to recite or sing the Sh’ma, adding a short statement about who they are, where they are located and why they support the cause of religious pluralism in Israel. Each public Sh’ma recitation and statement should be filmed (keep it low-tech; smart-phones are fine) and then immediately posted to this Facebook page.

If you can’t make it, then do this with your friends, classes, groups all week somewhere!

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University Flashmobs so far
Pace University – 12:15 – Spotlight
NYU – 1pm – Bronfman Center
University of Illinois – 1:30PM – Hillel
University of Hartford – 1PM – Alumni Plaza

Please post yours in the comments here:…

KOACH is a project of The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism