Wynnewood Giant Supermarket’s New Kosher Section

— by Ronit Treatman

The community has spoken, and Giant Supermarket has listened!  The Wynnewood store’s grand opening will include an improved and expanded kosher section.  Here is what is in store for us.

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Keystone-K will provide supervision.  Rabbi Shlomo Caplan will be in charge of this kosher store-within-a-store.


There will be a greater variety of kosher baked goods brought in from a larger assortment of vendors.  Giant’s in-store kosher bakery will prepare fresh pareve cakes and cookies.


The deli department will prepare a greater variety of fresh salads.  Kosher sandwiches will be available.  Kosher rotisserie and fried chicken will be offered.  Kosher sushi and fish will continue to be purveyed.  There will be a full kosher meat department.  Takeout Shabbat appetizers, dinner entrees, and desserts will be sold.  Kosher prepared pizza is in the works.

Israeli Products

Giant Supermarket is committed to providing a larger selection of Israeli products.  Among other new additions there will be a fine selection of imported kosher cheese from Israel.

Giant Supermarket is hoping that its kosher department will be a one stop destination for us.  The kosher grocery section will have 800 new items that were not previously available.  If there is anything that the community would like them to supply that they do not have, please do not hesitate to comment at the bottom of this article.  Giant’s management will be reading your comments.