Keystone Hospice Observes Jewish Holidays

Rabbi Brian Nevins-Goldman, the Jewish chaplain at Keystone Hospice in Wyndmoor, began buliding the Sukkah on the grounds of the historically certified residence in Wyndmoor in preparation for the celebration of the holiday of Sukkot.  Gil Rosenthal and David Campbell, volunteers, designed and built the Sukkah, and volunteer Lois Blofstein  and Rabbi’s daughter Corianna assisted them with decorating the Sukkah.

Photo: Sukkah-building on the grounds of Keystone Hospice brought together volunteers and staff members, inclulding (left to right) David Campbell, of Elkins Park;  Gil Rosenthal, of Chestnut Hill;  Rabbi Brian Nevins-Goldman, Keystone Hospice Jewish chaplain, and his daughter Corianna; and volunteer Lois Blofstein, of Elkins Park. (Bonnie Squires)
Gail Inderwies, founder and CEO of Keystone Hospice, believes that celebrating all religious holidays from all ethnic groups, as well as all American holidays, lifts everyone’s spirits.

On Wednesday, September 22, following lunch, there was a program in the sukkah welcoming Sukkot, with prayers, songs, art and fresh fruits.  Sukkot began that evening and lasts 7-8 days.

Keystone Hospice residents, family members and staff members are invited to attend and participate in all the events.