Temple Beth Hillel-Beth El Torathon

Get ready for a lively evening of Jewish learning and discovery at Temple Beth Hillel Beth El’s 31st annual Torathon. The Torathon committee has organized three hour-long sessions of learning, each offering enticing choices from one of five tracks.

Participants will choose from several rabbis’ perspectives on liturgy and  tshuva and repentance. They will be inspired by talks on  person-to-person connections and reaching out to those who are sick through the mitzvah of bikkur holim. They will be able to enjoy Jewishly inspired music and learn about medical contributions from Israel. Discussions about maintaining Jewish identify in the face of challenge in several different communities over the ages, and selected topics in biblical history, psalms and archaeology will round out the evening of discovery.

Back by popular demand are familiar faces of rabbis, scholars and talented individuals from our community, as well as new faces with topics never before presented at Torathon. Participants will also be able to enjoy hands-on events, such as a cooking class.

Please join us for an enlightening evening of study, socializing and snacking. Doors open at 6:15 p.m. The event is open to the public. Free babysitting is provided.