Israeli Jazz Mixes Tradition and Chutzpah

Saxophonist, composer, and band leader Wayne Shorter once said, “Jazz means: do you have the guts to do it?”

What is “it”? Maybe the chutzpah not to be confined, constrained by conventions, or maybe to innovate in the guise of convention. Or maybe again, to have the good taste to play with style, but to have the even better taste to play beyond or against formal “good style.” [Read more…]

Israeli JazzPhest: Oran Etkin & Kelenia

4th Annual Israeli JazzPhest Offers International Flare

From South to West Philadelphia and Center City to the ‘Burbs, November will be filled with the eclectic sound of the Israeli JazzPhest (November 10-20). This year’s JazzPhest hosts five dynamic ensembles each with a unique voice – fusing jazz with a wide range of musical forms and genres from around the world.  

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Israeli JazzPhest kicks off with Oran Etkin and Kelenia at the Philadelphia Clef Club of Jazz. Grammy nominated clarinetist, Oran Etkin melds traditional West African Malian music with Jewish, Middle Eastern and Jazz rhythms and melodies creating a unique and uplifting sound.

Their “hypnotic balance between straight-ahead jazz and world music” (Boston Globe) brings audience to their feet dancing.

Thurs., Nov. 10 at 8 p.m. Philadelphia Clef Club of Jazz, 738 South Broad St. Phila. Tickets: $15.00 online or call: 215-893-9912.

For complete Israeli JazzPhest line-up go to Israeli JazzPhest on Facebook. The JazzPhest is supported by the Consulate General of Israel in Philadelphia and other proud sponsors.