An Israeli Businessman Operating Successfully in the Moslem World

— by Arthur Seidenfeld

We focus much of our attention these days on problems between Jews and Muslims. Articles in the press speak of terrorism against Jews and Israelis worldwide. In this country, hate crimes against Jews by Muslims has occurred numerous times.

But we can happily discuss here the coexistence between Muslims and Jews on an individual level, by talking about an Israeli owned company operating successfully in the Muslim nation of Indonesia.

This is a true story about an Israeli Jewish businessman with a Moroccan background who owns and manages a furniture company in Indonesia by the company name of PT. Furniture & Craft.

The furniture factory is located in Central Java. The factory consists of 36,000 square feet of space and has departments for log cutting, kiln drying, parts, production, finishing and export. Indonesian nationals are all employed in the factory.

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This story shows how Jews and Muslims can coexist in a Muslim nation. There is also an American Jewish connection. It illustrates how an Israeli can operate peacefully in the Muslim World and how the internet can bring these varied business interests together.

David Ben Lulu, is this Israeli businessman who owns this successful manufacturing company. He exports his furniture worldwide. The Company offers many styles and models of furniture for the home such as beds, tables, chairs, cabinets, dressers and others. His furniture is produced as reproductions and in colonial, classical and modern styles. He also designs custom items to the taste of the individual and institutional buyer. The Company also specializes in furniture for synagogues and churches and for educational institutions.

The story has an American twist. I have started AIV Furniture to market and sell Ben Lulu’s furniture in the USA. The Indonesian manufacturer has already produced custom designed furniture pieces for synagogues in the United States. Below are 2 pictures of furniture designed and produced in Ben Lulu’s factory and sold to synagogues in the U.S.A.