National Liberty Museum Hosts Heroes of Liberty Founders Dinner

— by Bonnie Squires

Attendees of the National Liberty Museum’s Heroes of Liberty Founders Dinner gathered at Philadelphia’s Westin Hotel on Wednesday, May 25. They convened to celebrate the efforts and contributions of both the museum’s founders and of other backers.

Standing are Harold and Adele Schaeffer; this couple was among two other couples honored at the dinner.  Mrs. Schaeffer served as the museum’s president for five years.  Seated are supporters of the museum, founded by Irv Borowski in 2000: (left to right) Judge James Fitzgerald and his wife Carol Fitzgerald, and Roberta Tanenbaum.

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Pictured, left to right, are Laurie Wagman, wife of Irv Borowsky, founder of the National Liberty Museum, Irv Borowsky, Elaine Levitt, and Bunny Stein.

Gwen Borowsky, daughter of founder Irv Borowsky and CEO of the National Liberty Museum, thanks NBC 10’s meteorologist Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz for his service as master of ceremonies at the Heroes of Liberty Founders Dinner.

Among the guests were Judge Midge Rendell and Judy Lieb.

The Salvation Army’s Major Jorge Diaz had the honor of presenting the Heroes of Liberty award to one of the three couples being honored: Joyce and Bob Byers.  Here, Bob Byers accepts the award and praises Irv Borowsky for having founded the National Liberty Museum.

Enjoying the celebration are (left to right) Bob Rovner, Esq., his wife Sherrie Savett, Esq., who is vice chair of the National Liberty Museum, Elaine Levitt, and Melissa Ross.

Award-winners Jack and Vickie Farber were praised  for their long-time support of the museum by Dr. Paul Brucker, president emeritus of Thomas Jefferson University.

Jimmy Schaeffer, a son of one of the honoree couples, Adele and Harold Schaeffer, with Nicole Dresnin.

Supporters of the National Liberty Museum included Caryl and Hillel Levinson.

Pictured, left to right, are Norman Cohn, a co-chair of the awards dinner, Sandy and Stephen Sheller, Esq., Reverend Bonnie Camarda of the Salvation Army, and Lt. Colonel Donald Lance and Lt. Colonel Renee Lance.