Israel’s Entrepreneurial Wonderkind

— by Ronit Treatman

Tomer Hen, One of Israel’s youngest millionaires, started his first business at the age of thirteen. “I wanted to be financially independent,” he told me. “I started buying and selling Israeli products on ebay.”  

From this modest beginning, Tomer became a supplier of Israeli products to businesses all over the world. He sourced Dead Sea products and Israeli army surplus goods among other types of merchandise.

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Photo: Or Kaplan

Tomer became very interested in the Chinese market. Initially, the Chinese were not that familiar with the worldwide Internet. They used Chinese sites, such as Alibaba, rather than ebay. Tomer familiarized himself with these sites, and started buying products from the Chinese and selling to the Americans in profit.  

By the age of sixteen, Tomer could see that ebay’s potential was diminishing and looked for a new growth market. This was when the first iPhone came to Israel, and many businesses wanted to appear on the iPhone when the customer searched the Internet. Tomer helped them design their mobile application strategy, to ensure their optimal presence.  

Tomer’s current business is teaching enterprise owners how to promote their business via cellular phones. Tomer helps them craft their message, design their ads for mobile phones, and select the media platforms for their advertising campaigns. His Mobile College is offered both online and in Tel Aviv.  

How did Tomer figure all this out at such a young age? “I am self taught,” he tells me. “My parents are accountants, and I got my entrepreneurial spirit from my father. It all started with my desire for independence.”