America the Beautiful – אמריקה היפהפייה

אמריקה היפהפייה

יפֵהפִיָה ללא גבולות
וּזְהב דגן גלִי
הרים סגוּלים
סְפוּגים בְּהוֹד
מישור עמוּס בִּפְרי
אמריקה אַת אֶרץ
שהאל בּרֵךְ בלי סוף
וּבְרית אחים נאמנה
תִשְׂרוֹר מחוף אל חוף

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Making Progress at and eTeacherHebrew

My last review of led to calls from the company assuring me that they have made many improvements since my experience with them a few years ago. I received a refund and offer to try again, as well. A Philadelphia attorney wrote a response to my review to say she is studying with them and having a good experience.

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Two others wrote to say they were quite disappointed with the Hebrew-school-style workbook approach and had expected new paradigm language learning methods.

Given that time has passed and it is likely the firm has made advances in the field of on-line learning, I have offered to two different company representatives to interview customers they would refer to us and report on their experience. Stay tuned.  My hope is always for good things Israeli!  

Learn Hebrew for Free

If you have ever wanted to learn Hebrew or another language (complete list follows the jump), the Lower Merion Library System and many other libraries are making it easier than ever and at no cost to you. Hebrew is offered at two levels: Mango Basic Hebrew teaches simple, practical skills for common, polite conversation in only a few short hours. Mango Hebrew Complete 2.0 teaches in-depth and comprehensive language and grammar skills.

This unique service teaches conversation skills for practical communication through fun and engaging interactive lessons, making learning a new language fast, easy and incredibly effective.

The system is completely web-based and remotely accessible, so you can learn at your leisure wherever you have an internet connection.

“As students listen to and repeat after native speakers, they learn more than just words and phrases; they learn how those pieces can be rearranged and combined to make new thoughts, new conversations, and even more practical communication.”

noted Christine Steckel, Director of Libraries.

Lower Merion Library System cardholders should  scroll down to the bottom of the LMLS Website and click on the Mango logo to get started.

A list of other languages follows the jump.
Languages courses offered by Mango for Libraries:

  • Arabic (Levantine) 35,000,000 speakers: Basic
  • Chinese (Mandarin) 1,365,000,000 speakers: Basic, Complete 1.0, Complete 2.0
  • Dari (Afghanistan, Pakistan) 9,000,000 speakers: Basic
  • Farsi (Persian, Iran) 100,000,000 speakers: Basic, Complete 2.0
  • French 77,000,000 speakers: Basic, Complete 1.0, Complete 2.0
  • German 105,000,000 speakers: Basic, Complete 1.0, Complete 2.0
  • Greek 12,000,000 speakers: Basic, Complete 1.0, Complete 2.0
  • Hebrew (Israel) 7,000,000 speakers: Basic, Complete 2.0
  • Hindi (India, Pakistan, Fiji) 490,000,000 speakers: Basic, Complete 2.0
  • Irish 355,000 speakers: Basic
  • Italian 70,000,000 speakers: Basic, Complete 1.0, Complete 2.0
  • Japanese 130,000,000 speakers: Basic, Complete 1.0, Complete 2.0
  • Korean 78,000,000 speakers: Basic, Complete 2.0
  • Pashto (Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran) 26,000,000 speakers: Basic
  • Portuguese (Brazil) 200,000,000 speakers: Basic, Complete 1.0, Complete 2.0
  • Russian 164,000,000 speakers: Basic, Complete 1.0, Complete 2.0
  • Spanish (Latin America) 329,000,000 speakers: Basic, Complete 1.0, Complete 2.0
  • Tagalog (Philippines) 49,000,000 speakers: Basic
  • Thai 60,000,000 speakers: Basic, Complete 2.0
  • Turkish 70,000,000 speakers: Basic, Complete 2.0
  • Urdu (Pakistan, India) 250,000,000 speakers: Basic
  • Vietnamese 73,000,000 speakers: Basic, Complete 2.0
  • English as a second language: In Arabic, Chinese (Cantonese), Chinese (Mandarin), French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, and Vietnamese.