Volunteer Intro Call

These monthly introductory conference calls are an opportunity for you to learn more about the Represent.Us campaign and how you can make a difference in building a grassroots movement that will end government corruption once and for all.

Online Training: How to Build a Powerful Team in the Era of Trump

Charlottesville Vigils Location Map

Charlottesville Vigils Location Map



Online RSVP required

That’s why our second online Turn Congress 180 Training will teach you:

  • Why a strong leadership team is crucial to a campaign’s success
  • The core elements of building your campaign team
  • Why it’s powerful to work in coalition
  • How to be a good coalition partner

With the President clearly aligned with white nationalist forces, we need our Members of Congress to step up now and go on the record: Will they continue to enable Trump’s immoral agenda, or turn 180 degrees toward protecting democracy and our lives?

This is why we launched Turn Congress 180, and why our second online training is designed to help you build a team and coalition that can respond to events like Charlottesville and demand action from our elected officials. Can you join us next week?