Horse Ballet, Dirty Laundry and Compulsive Liars

A compulsive liar is defined as someone who lies out of habit. Governor Romney has been accused of taking multiple stands on issues ranging from reproductive choice, to immigration, to gay rights, and the question as to when he stopped working for Bain Capital. Such lies are not excusable, but they are at least understandable politically.

However, I have taken note of a couple of lies so bizarre it is hard to see how Romney hopes to gain any sort of advantage from them.

On Wednesday, when NBC reporter Brian Williams asked Governor Romney about his wife’s horse Rafalca which will be representing the United States in the Olympic dressage (horse ballet) competition, Mitt disavowed any interest in their horse:

I have to tell you, this is Ann’s sport. I’m not even sure which day the sport goes on. She will get the chance to see it, I will not be watching the event. I hope her horse does well.

Let’s forget how much Romney has spent on this horse (including a deduction of $77,000 on his 2010 tax return for his share of Rafalca’s care and feeding). Let’s ignore how Mitt Romney personally chose the music Rafalca danced to at the Dressage World Cup in April, how he enthusiastically compared horses with Sean Hannity on Fox News. Let’s pretend for a moment that Romney cares as little about Dressage as do most Americans.

Even then this makes no sense at all. He adores his wife Ann, and calls her his “rock.” Her passion is dressage and she is vying for the Gold medal at the Olympics. Show a little interest ! Look, I don’t care much about curling, or stamp collecting, or crossword puzzles, but if my beloved wife Helen was passionate about any of these things and was competing in the world championship, you better believe I would be at her side rooting her on.

Here is another example. “At his victory party after winning the Illinois primary, Mitt Romney said that, realizing he had no clean shirt for the appearance, he had washed his shirt in the sink of his hotel room, and dried it with an iron. A reporter noted that the shirt appeared freshly pressed.”

Really!? Presidential campaigns do not leave the candidates wardrobe to chance. Everything is carefully stage-crafted to send a precise message. If supposing some sort of last moment wardrobe malfunction, the candidate wouldn’t be doing his own laundry. Instead the candidate would surely take the shirt off of an aid’s back, like President Bartlet commanders Josh’s tie in the video from West Wing below.  

Does Romney think people vote for President according to whether they like the “right” sports? Or according to whether they do their own laundry? I think they vote for the candidate who they can trust and by that score Romney is shooting himself in the foot.