National Dog Day

Are you a dog lover? A dog parent? Today is the day to celebrate the one who always loves you, amazes you, and thinks you are singularly the best hunter/gatherer, cook, best friend, and fetch partner a canine could ever have.

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Satire: Customer Service


Hello, Romneytron 2012 Customer Service. “Believe in America.” How may I help you?

Hi, I just voted for the Romneytron 2012 but I am not sure its empathy circuit is acting right.

What do you mean?

It is saying all sorts of strange things like: “I like to fire people who provide services to me” and “I’m not concerned about the very poor.” It even strapped its dog to the roof of the car for a twelve-hour road trip and shows no sign of remorse.

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It sounds like it is stuck in “Tea Party mode”. Have you tried resetting it?

That’s what I thought. I called earlier when the Romneytron locked up the nomination and your colleague Eric Fehrnstrom said “It’s almost like an Etch-A-Sketch. You can kind of shake it up and restart all over again.”

Did that help?

Not really. It turns out the Romneytron assaulted a student who he suspected of being gay, forced him to the ground and clipped his hair with a pair of scissors. And now he shows no regret for having committed a hate crime.

I don’t know what you customers want. You said the Romneytron 2001 was too French. You said the Romneytron 2002 was too pro-Choice. You said the Romneytron 2008 wasn’t conservative enough. There is no way to satisfy you people.

What ever happened to “The customer is always right?” I just want a leader who cares about my problems and will take my side.


I love being able to hang up on people.

It’s A Dog’s Life At The Haverford Township No-So-Free Library

Librarian Claims Firing Over Seeing Eye Dog:

— The writer of this article is a patron of Haverford Township Free Library. Out of concern for that relationship she has asked to remain anonymous

With Golden Retriever Henry close by her side, Deborah Rosan is as articulate as she is thoughtful, an impressive combination for someone who has recently been fired from her job of almost 10 years. “They had an opportunity to Do Good in this world” Rosan says, “and they refused it”. The good she is referring to takes us back to Henry, the guide dog puppy Rosan and her family are currently fostering. “We receive the puppies when they’re 2-3 months old, and keep them
for about a year and a half. Our main job is to expose the pups to as wide a range of experiences as possible, so that they’ll be effective guide dogs when they mature.” Indeed, Rosan’s first foster, Ethel, was a regular visitor to Haverford
Township Library, snoozing under the front desk for a full shift weekly as Deborah worked. But with a switch of library Directors came a switch of policy; the guide dogs in training, many of whom will go to Iraq and Afghanistan War Veterans,
were no longer welcome. Rosan took her request to the head of the Library Board, to have it denied again.

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Haverford Township Free Library’s problem is, the law is on Rosan’s side. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania protects those who train and handle guide dogs just as those who will later use them. “Denying access is not only unconscionable” Rosan says “it is against the law”. Rosan thought seriously about bringing Henry despite the ban, but decided against it, for the dog’s sake. Rosan laughs, a loving twinkle in her eyes “Henry is a very sensitive fellow” she explains “I have no doubt he would have picked up on the tension, and ultimately I would have done him a disservice with that kind of experience”. And why the laughter, I ask “At about fifty pounds, he might not be the best personality to make this particular point. He thinks he’s a lap dog” she smiles “and he is quite sure that every time I sit down, I am a lap; it actually can cause a bit of a scene”.

So one night, when she was not scheduled to work, Deborah and Henry Dog, as she calls him, went to the library just for a visit. Which led to her being fired. “Insubordination” was what was written in her letter of termination, the incident with her guide dog puppy was referred to verbally at the meeting during which she was handed that letter.

“Ignorant and self righteous” is how Rosan describes the leadership of the library. Nor is the irony lost on her, she continues “that individuals whose very profession equips them with the skills to gather accurate information and then disseminate it to the public, would behave this way, is astounding”.

What would right the wrong? Among other things, Rosan suggests, “A sign posted on the library front door reading: Haverford Township Free Library Welcomes Service Dogs and Service Dogs in Training”. Rosan is filing complaints with the Pennsylvania Human Relations Board and the EEOC. She has named Haverford Township Free Library, Haverford Township and the Delaware County Library System in the complaint.

Mitt Romney’s Dog Seamus: The Rest of the Story

Reprinted from Democratic Convention Watch

My dog Fiona would not run away
My dog Fiona would not run away.

You've certainly heard Mittens Romney talking about how his dog Seamus “liked” being strapped to the roof of the family car for 12 hours. I never believed that because I'm a dog lover, and I know dogs like to be IN the car. Some are good car-riders and will sit in the back seat enjoying the scenery and some air. (As an aside, if you're going to go on long trips, and your dog likes to stick his/her face out the window, consider eye protection to prevent eye damage from flying bits of debris and road dirt.)

H/T Dan for letting me know that there is now proof that not only did Seamus not like riding on the top of the car, shown by having diarrhea which went down the back window of the car, but once the Romneys arrived in Canada, the dog ran away. Source.

Now I'll admit that Fiona is well cared for. That's a picture of her in a soft-material mini-cart at the pet store. Before you yell “spoiled” please be aware that her paw had been injured at camp and she's got a phobia about walking on shiny floors. We were at the store to buy a shoe for her foot because it was going to snow overnight, they were going to salt, and salt is bad on open wounds. We're actively working on the fear thing, and her paw is all healed. (Fiona wants to be a rough and tumble puppy, but she's actually a tumble and OWWW! puppy. Her first birthday was last Saturday.)

It takes a certain type of person to strap a dog to the top of the car for TWELVE hours. The Seamus stories indicate that the dog wasn't let out of his cage for  the entire trip. It's not just that I wouldn't leave a dog strapped to a  roof for twelve hours, I wouldn't leave a dog alone in a house for 12  hours. When my friend Libby and I went out to Illinois to pick up Fiona at 10 weeks, we stopped every two hours to let her out, give her some water, not to mention that one of us was with her at all times in the back seat of the car because she was so young. It caused the trip (which was about the same travel distance as Mitten's vacation trip) to take two days to allow for enough time to give her appropriate rest breaks out of the car. Olivia traveled up and down the east coast with me, and there were always rest breaks.

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How someone treats those who are weaker says a lot about the person that can easily be extrapolated. Mistreat a dog? A being dedicated to loving you unconditionally? There is something terribly wrong with someone who shows such disregard. Kind of like people who mistreat their children. Or other people's children. The most common kind of financial theft against the elderly comes from their children. Again, the stronger preying on the weaker.

Bo and Barack
Bo doesn’t have to ride on the roof.

So here we have this guy running for president, and he's a bully. He mistreats his dog. Quite unlike someone else running for president, who knows how to treat a dog while in the car. Mittens is also a serial liar: I don't even need specific examples here. Pick a topic and he's been on at least three sides of it. It is not surprising that he is against women's rights, education and the safety net. Like kids who swing cats by their tails, they just don't grow up right in the head. Rumour has it that when Mittens is done stealing the nomination with a lot of help from the GOP establishment (Exhibit A) he'll pick Bob McDonnell as his running mate. Yup, the governor of Virginia, which is about to become the only state that sanctions the forcible rape of women. (Exhibit B)

I consider myself an informed voter. I keep lots of files on political players. Have a lot of stuff on Romney which was relatively mundane (for a Republican) prior to his self-immolation this year. I had thought he'd be the toughest possible opponent that President Obama could have this year. But once he's someone whose dog followed the lead of Vietnam draft dodgers and escaped to Canada just to get away from a terrible situation you have to say that while a lot of the Republican field (real and potential) is nuts (Bachmann, Spunky, Santorum) morally degenerate (Cain, Gingrich), stupid (Perry), outright dangerous (Paul, Perry, Gingrich), theocratic (Santorum, Bachmann, Spunky, Cain, Perry), Mittens takes the cake.

Remember: elections are decided by those who vote — get involved and make sure that this animal abuser never gets anywhere near the White House except on the public tour.