Remembering the 26 Murdered at Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook Memorial Bicyclists

Bicycling in Memory of 26 Sandy Hook Victims.

On Sunday, April 10, 26 cyclists will ride through Philadelphia on their way to Washington, D.C. Their ride is in memory of the 26 students and educators who were murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School, and in support of common sense gun legislation to reduce gun violence.

Common sense gun legislation allows most people to continue to purchase guns, but:

  • restricts assault weapons and large-capacity bullet clips;
  • imposes background checks where they are absent today (mainly at gun shows);
  • requires owners to report lost or stolen weapons;
  • requires people to be properly trained and licensed before they can buy a new weapon;
  • forbids people on the “no-fly list” from buying a gun; and
  • limits most people to purchasing at most one gun per month.

It would not include stronger provisions that would infringe on people’s rights to self-defense or hunting/recreation.
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