First Online Library For Jewish Schools In The United States

Behrman House, the leading publisher of textbooks and digital learning materials for Jewish religious schools in North America, has entered a collaborative agreement with Israel’s Center for Educational Technology (CET). The partnership will bring a first-of-its-kind online library to Jewish schools in the United States, giving students and educators access to both companies’ vast repository of educational offerings. David Behrman, Behrman House president and publisher, said:

This is a giant step forward in our mission to reshape Hebrew education for a younger generation. The array of learning materials CET brings to us from Israel is endless, and its Kotar online platform provides that content in an immediate, easy to access format.

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In April 2010, CET launched its Kotar digital platform, to enable Jewish schools, institutions and communities abroad to access English and Hebrew resources fast, simply and in a user-friendly manner. The Kotar platform allows students to comment and share their ideas with teachers, other students and at home with their families. Today it receives hundreds of thousands hits per month, with tens of thousands of Israeli pupils using its textbooks on a daily basis. In addition to licensing the Kotar platform for North American religious schools, Behrman House will also develop curricular materials using the resources of CET’s Lexicon of Jewish Culture and Judaism, a vast repository of text materials, videos, and other educational materials, which CET will translate and Behrman House will adapt for the North American market.

CET CEO Gila Ben-Har commented:

As part of CET’s expansion strategy into markets outside Israel, we welcome the partnership with Behrman House and are proud to bring the innovation of digital books to Jewish schools, educators, and students throughout North America.