Faux Dough

— by Dakota Marine

Everyone has an opinion about the best type of pizza: Famous Ray’s pizza of New York City, sicilian, thin crust, crust with cheese… The list can go on and on. But before you start drooling as you picture a sizzling hot slice of pizza, with the gooey cheese dripping off the sides and a crispy crust that breaks apart in your hands, let me stop you there. I like alternative versions of pizza, i.e. pizza without the typical crust. Last Wednesday was no exception: I was going to make crusted cauliflower pizza.

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I could hardly contain my excitement when I arrived home after a long, hot and sticky day in the city of Philadelphia. I started the process by splitting a head of cauliflower in half and cutting out the stems, only keeping the florets (flower shaped pieces) from the top and placing them in a large bowl.

After microwaving the florets for about eight minutes, I took them out to cool and began whisking an egg in a separate small bowl. As the cauliflower was cooling, I added the egg into the bowl, a quarter teaspoon of crushed garlic and half a cup of shredded Mozzarella cheese.

Once the ingredients were stirred together, I poured the crust mixture into a pan and let it bake in the oven for 15 minutes. Then it was time for the toppings: a layer of tomato paste mixed with basil, three handfuls of sprinkled cheese, thin slices of a juicy red tomato, some chopped scallions and pieces of spinach.

The pie went back in the oven for six minutes, allowing the cheese to melt and the toppings to cook. It was hard to wait the short amount of six minutes as the aroma of the bubbling cheese and pungent garlic wafted through the house.

When the timer went off, I raced into the kitchen and pulled the pizza out of the oven, and could hardly contain my eyes and tastebuds. The cheese had melted into a white stringy bed as it peaked out through the luscious red color of the tomato, the bright kelly green scallions, and the dark forest green spinach.

Instead of a hard and heavy taste of breaded crust, the cauliflower was light and fluffy. The garlic flavor seeped through the vegetable toppings, the tomatos were soft, and the scallions added a bit of a crunch. I had one slice, then another, and then picked the toppings off the cheese. I could not stop myself — it was really good. I think it is safe to say that it was the best type of pizza I have ever eaten. You can eat the pizza with anything, but mine went well with a glass of Rosé.

Dakota Marine is the creator of Eat My Tailgate, where she takes us into her sorority’s kitchen.

Cauliflower With Breadcrumbs, Almonds and Raisins

Every time I go shopping I am tempted to buy cauliflower. For some reason, I have a lot of sympathy for cauliflower. It is not as popular as peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, or eggplants.  

Today I am going to make cauliflower with Panko breadcrumbs, almonds, and raisins.  This is a delicious way to prepare this classic winter vegetable

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