Tis The Season To Get Trampled

Leading up to the holiday season, it’s hard to remember that there are things better, or more important, than shopping. You want to make sure everyone gets the perfect gift, stores bombard you with sales, and everyone else seems to be shopping, right?

Well, we want to show the world that there are better things to do than spend the day at the mall buying more stuff! Can you help us?

Tell us what you think is better than shopping – it could be spending time with your family, going for a hike… anything! We’ll use your photos to tell the story of people who’ve committed to #buynothing this holiday season.

Here’s what you do:

  • Print out the #buynothing sign.
  • Write your favorite activity in the blank. (example: “Sharing is better than shopping.”)
  • Take a picture and email it to [email protected].