Kiyetz Beit Midrash

She Said, He Said: Who Can You Believe?

The Torah requires at least two witnesses to establish fact in a Beit Din (rabbinic court), but sometimes the judges face unusual circumstances. When can we rely on a single witness, and when might we even believe on litigant over another in the absence of legal proof? Join Rabbi Abe as we explore these and other questions in the second chapter of Tractate Ketubot.

The Beit Midrash is open to students of all backgrounds. No Hebrew is required to participate. The Beit Midrash requires a minimum of eight students. If you need financial assistance to attend, please reach out to the Temple Office at 215-735-5148.

Lunch will be provided. Please reach out to the Temple Office (215-735-5148) with any dietary restrictions at least two days before the event.