New Leadership at American Technion Society

(Left to right) Zahava Bar-Nir,  Steve Berger and his wife Ilene Berger.

American Technion Society leadership: (Left to right) Zahava Bar-Nir, Steve Berger and his wife Ilene Berger. Photo: Bonnie Squires

Israeli-born Philadelphia-area resident Zahava Bar-Nir was recently named national president of the American Technion Society (ATS), which provides support for the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa, Israel. She is the first Israeli woman in the organization’s history to assume the role.

Bar-Nir has held many local, national and international leadership positions at the ATS and the Technion, including President of the Philadelphia Chapter. For her dedication, she has received both a Technion Honorary Fellowship and an Honorary Doctorate.

At the Philadelphia chapter’s recent awards brunch at the Rittenhouse Hotel, Bar-Nir presented a piece of sculpture to outgoing Philadelphia-region president Steve Berger, while welcoming his wife, Ilene Berger, as the new chapter president. Berger has been promoted to the national board and the international board.

Bar-Nir was happy to point out that ATS has recognized and elevated women to important posts in the organization. The keynote speaker was Israeli entrepreneur Yael Vizel, another outstanding woman who is a graduate of Technion who had created a highly successful on-line application which allows shoppers to “try on” fashions before purchasing them. The virtual dressing-room from thousands of stores and fashion manufacturers has earned Vizel the title, “The google fashionista.”