A Letter From An IDF Soldier

— by Adam Klazmer

As you may know, I served in a combat unit of the Israeli Defense Forces — the Nahal Infantry Brigade’s 50th Battalion. This week, my friends and comrades were pulled out of the West Bank and moved to the border with the Gaza Strip in preparation for a possible ground invasion. Now that I am out of uniform, I better understand how difficult it can be on the outside but I refuse to feel helpless. There are still many ways we can help those in harm’s way.

I was in contact today with the head of Yashar LaChayal, a charitable organization that provides support to IDF soldiers.  Yahsar LaChayal means “Straight to the Soldier”.  My question was very simple and very blunt: What do you need and what will it cost? I received this reply:

Many units are on the border waiting. I made three trips today alone from suppliers to units. They need neck warmers, gloves, underwear, hats, and maybe thermals if weather gets colder, toiletries, etc. Most soldiers were on base for about 20 days and were expecting to go home for Shabbat. Pretty tense situation.

I am personally trying to raise $25,000 for my unit — Nahal 50.  This money will help keep my friends warm as they continue their preparations. Please do not think that these soldiers will be facing a mild winter.  Having lived through Philadelphia and Boston winters, I can honestly say that the coldest I have ever been (and probably ever will be) was during the winter on the border with Gaza.

All operational and administrative costs of Yashar LaChayal are paid annually by the Moskowitz family of Miami Beach.  This means that every dollar that you donate will help to equip an Israeli combat soldier. Yashar LaChayal is a registered non-profit in the US so all donations are 100% tax deductible.  

Please pass this article along to your friends and family — and encourage them to give what they can.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for anything you can do to help.