Sen. John Sidney McCain III (1936-2018)

The Last Stop on the Maverick Express

— by Michael Bihovsky

If the past is any indication, some of my fellow liberals will take issue with the nice things I’m about to say about Senator John McCain, but today we lost a hero in an age where heroes are so very hard to find…especially, let’s be frank, on the Right.

But John McCain was a hero. For starters, he risked his life time and again to defend our country, and was tortured beyond most of our comprehension for doing so. I honor him for that.

In an age of nearly unanimous hate and vitriol, McCain called for civility and respect in our discourse. I honor him for that as well.

And for most of his career, McCain acted – and voted – like a true moderate. Moderation has become a toxic word on both sides of the aisle, but not to me. Life, and government, is often about compromise – and although McCain recently voted with Trump on a lot more issues than I’d care for, he never did so out of cowardice or to fall into his party line. He voted what was, to him, his conscience – and even if I disagree with the specifics, I respect the integrity.

Which leads me to the main issue I will remember and praise John McCain for: he – along with Senators Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski – defeated the repeal of the the Affordable Care Act, which has literally saved the lives of so many people I know and love. Why? Because his fellow Republicans had provided no alternative, and because it had been pushed through without any Democratic consultation (let alone support). Therefore, according to McCain, supporting the repeal would be utter negligence and hypocrisy, and since it would lead to tens of millions of people losing health insurance, he voted no. If he had voted yes, a lot of people who are alive right now would not be.

I think that I, even more than most Republicans, long to see a day when the Republican Party is restored to some semblance of honor, conscience, and integrity. To me, John McCain represented those admirable traits. Was he perfect? Far from it. But I will take an imperfect official doing his best over someone who is perfectly corrupt and self-interested any day.

Thank you for your service, Senator McCain, and for your example. Rest in peace.

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    Conference of Presidents statement::

    New York, NY, August 27th, 2018 . . . Arthur Stark, Chairman and Malcolm Hoenlein, Executive Vice Chairman/CEO of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations issued the following statement:

    We mourn the loss of the late United States Sen. John McCain III, who tragically passed away late Saturday night after a courageous battle with cancer. We were honored to have met with and hosted Sen. McCain on numerous occasions.

    After a lifetime of devoted service to his beloved America and the American people, first as a Navy airman and later as a member of the House of Representatives and Senator from Arizona, John McCain’s record stands as a tribute to patriotism and highly principled leadership. From his perseverance through years of captivity during the Vietnam War to his consistent commitment to bipartisanship, the preservation of political norms, and moral American leadership in world affairs, Senator McCain’s legacy is that of a statesman and hero.

    Amongst his many virtues were his strong support of the State of Israel, especially related to its security, and his dedication to strengthening the special US-Israel relationship. He was a steadfast advocate for a strong response against Iran’s aggression and nuclear aspirations. His presence within the halls of the Senate and his strong voice for justice and freedom throughout the world will be sorely missed. May his memory be a blessing for his family, our country, and all who share his values.

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