Central High School and Israeli Druze Students Collaborate

—by Dani Neuman

After several months of communi­cating on the Internet, on April 22, a delegation from Amal’s Menachem Begin Compre­hensive High School in Safed and Amal’s Compre­hensive High School in the Druze village of Kisra Samia arrived in Phila­delphia to continue the entrepre­­­neurship project they began online with a team of science students from Central High School.

During the past six months, the American and Israeli teenagers have been conducting detailed discussions evaluating the feasibility and effectiveness of several possibilities for their mutual project. They ultimately decided to concentrate on creating an ecologically sound and easily available method of preventing water pollution for home use. This will be their first opportunity to actually work face-to-face, an opportunity that will be reinforced when the American teens come to the Amal campuses in Israel during May to continue the cooperative venture.

“We are thrilled to join Amal in this unique program,” said Central High Principal Timothy J. McKenna. “This new partnership will enable our students to host, visit, work and learn from their Israeli peers. The students have developed a project that focuses on solving the clean water crisis that plagues many countries. It is so special that that students from two continents have teamed up to improve our world.”

Israel’s Amal Group focuses on educating its students in science, technology and the arts through “Innovation, Excellence and Entrepreneurship,” a vision shared by Central High science teachers Darcel Bonner and Joseph Campbell who are counseling the local team. The week-long visit is packed with scientific, historic and cultural experiences as well as many opportunities for pure enjoyment. During their week-long visit, the Philadelphia teens have arranged to show their new Israeli friends some of the region’s sights, including tours of nearby New York City and a day trip to Washington, D.C. They will also introduce them the great American sport at a Philadelphia Phillies – Arizona Diamondbacks baseball game.

A special reception will be held at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts to introduce the creative teams to the community and explain the first joint entrepreneurship project between the two schools.

The educational Amal Group has 120 locations throughout Israel and serves 40,000 students.


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