Gratz College Offers an Online Ph.D. in Holocaust and Genocide Studies

As world events churn perilously with ethnic hatred and violence, expertise in the field of Holocaust and genocide studies is needed more than ever. Atrocities perpetrated by terrorist groups around the world and hate crimes on the rise in the United States and Europe make the promise of “never again” seem to ring hollow. In response to these acts, experts are needed to inform government policy, educate the public, and provide teachers with the tools they need to instruct the next generation on the dangerous repercussions of hatred and intolerance.

This fall, Gratz College will launch an online Ph.D. program in Holocaust and genocide studies, making this important field accessible to students everywhere. This program is the first in the United States to offer a Doctor of Holocaust and Genocide Studies degree, as opposed to a Ph.D. in a related discipline, such as history or sociology.

Students in the Gratz Ph.D. program will study genocide from multidimensional perspectives, including historical, sociological, psychological, geographical, theological, legal and scientific. The program was also designed to respond to student demand. Gratz began receiving requests to create a Ph.D. program in 2012, after the college launched its online master’s program in Holocaust and genocide studies.

For more information about Gratz College or the doctorate in Holocaust and genocide studies, contact Dean Guzofsky at 215-635-7300, x137.


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