CeaseFirePA Flash Vigil Marks 5th Anniversary of Aurora Shooting

To mark the fifth anniversary of the tragic Aurora shooting, CeaseFirePA held a flash vigil at the Regal Warrington Theater in Bucks County, PA on Thursday, July 20. Gathering to honor the twelve who lost their lives and the seventy shot that night, the crowd also affirmed that we have the right to be safe in places like movie theaters, churches, schools and places of business. ¬†Shira Goodman, Executive Director of CeaseFirePA, explained, “We are here to send the message that we deserve to be able to come together to learn, work, pray and play in safety.¬† Going to your neighborhood theater is a quintessential American pastime — and we want to be clear that we want to be safe here and everywhere.”

Since the Aurora shooting on July 20, 2012, both Congress and the PA General Assembly have failed to enact any meaningful gun violence prevention policies. “CeaseFirePA chose this theater.” said Goodman. “because Bucks County legislators have a mixed record on gun violence prevention policies, and we are dedicated to urging them to stand up for our safety with every vote.”

A video of the vigil can be found here:


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