GOP Bill: Healthcare Cut for the Disadvantaged, Tax Cut for the Billionaires

Health care and money. Photo: Robin Fischer. Pills, blood pressure cuff, money.

Health care and money. Photo: Robin Fischer.

It’s out. The GOP  Healthcare Bill has been (finally) made public, and it is as bad as we expected. You can read the full text here. Cuts to Medicaid will mean that the 69% of nursing home residents whose stays are funded by Medicaid will no longer be able to remain in nursing homes; removal of funding for Planned Parenthood will cause women who depend on their services will not get the cancer screenings that will save their lives. Millions of people will be uninsured, and even more will get cheap health insurance which doesn’t cover doctors visits, ER visits, medications or mental health services, not to mention health insurance with $10,000 deductibles, and capped benefits.

All this is only to fund a nice fat tax cut for billionaires. Make no mistake — this bill will affect everyone in America who makes less than $250,000 per year. The GOP senators are robbing the country to make the rich richer.

Mitch McConnell wants this bill passed by next Friday, June 30. Can it be stopped? Yes! But only if everyone calls his/her Republican Senator to express their displeasure. This is especially true in certain states. If you know people in Ohio (Senator Portman), Nevada (Heller), Maine (Collins), Alaska (Murkowski) or West Virginia (Capito) — get them to call their senators. In both Nevada and Ohio, Governors Sandoval and Kasich, respectively, are putting pressure on the Senators, so additional callers could only help. The others are on the fence about whether to put party or constituents first. You cannot call or write these folks — it’s got to be their voters — so dust off those phone books and see who you know in those states and call them and get them to put pressure on their Senators and have them recruit others!

Locally, both Senators in both Delaware and New Jersey will vote against the bill, and Senator Casey in Pennsylvania will also be a no vote. Pat Toomey is a yes vote no matter what, but calling him will make you feel better. Find out more about the senate vote.


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