State Senator Daylin Leach and Daughter Brennan Honored

Brennan and Daylin Leach. Photo: CNN

Brennan and Daylin Leach. Photo: CNN

The Democratic Committee of Lower Merion and Narberth (DCLMN) held their annual Spring Dinner earlier this month. The theme of this year’s dinner was “The Shake It Up Party.” Given the unprecedented challenges facing our party and our country, we didn’t want to have a traditional fundraising dinner. Instead, we had decided to shake things up, do some unconventional things. So, we featured music and art that reflected the protest movements of the past and the resistance efforts underway now. We honored State Senator Daylin Leach, quintessential fighter for liberal causes and opponent of the status quo. We also presented Daylin’s daughter, Brennan Leach, with our first-ever Youth Honoree award. As you may recall, Brennan is the 15-year-old who asked Hillary Clinton, at a town hall last October about women and body image in reference to Trump’s insults of a Miss Universe winner and other women. Afterwards, Brennan was accused of being a Clinton “plant” and harassed online, but she never wavered.

We heard from Matthew Levendusky, University of Pennsylvania political science professor and author of the book “How Partisan Politics Polarize America.” Matt talked about how Fox News Channel and MSNBC divide the country, and his work on efforts to bridge the partisan divide.

While some may call the 2017 election cycle an off-year election, it still matters…a lot. We voted for local officials – including township commissioners, borough officials, and school board directors – as well as county and state judges, including 3 seats on the PA Supreme Court. And with a number of contested races in the Democratic primary, the Primary Election on May 16 had added significance. So, given the stakes, DCLMN plans to make a major investment in Get Out The Vote in the spring and fall.


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