Faithful Republican Elector Refuses to Vote for Trump


Christopher Suprun. Photo: CNN.

Only a very few presidential Electoral College Electors decided not to vote for the candidate chosen by their home state. Several of them were forced to change their vote, or disqualified and replaced by alternates. Texas is one of the states that allows electors to vote in accordance with their conscience, which is in keeping with the Founders original intent. However, the Republican party expects electors to vote for the Republican nominee.

Christopher Suprun was one of those few who voted in accordance with his conscience. He explained his position in an article that was published by the New York Times, which received over 6000 comments. He writes, “Presidential electors have the legal right and a constitutional duty to vote their conscience.”

He paraphrases Alexander Hamilton, “an Electoral College should determine if candidates are qualified, not engaged in demagogy, and independent from foreign influence.”

Suprun had been a fireman who was part of the recovery from the World Trade Center twin towers attack. He closes his article with this, “I swore an oath to defend my country and Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. On Dec. 19, [Electoral College Vote day] I will do it again.”

In the end, three Texas Electors refused to vote for Donald Trump. Arthur Sisneros, resigned from the Texas Electoral College rather than vote for Trump. Bill Greene voted for Ron Paul. Christopher Suprun voted for John Kasich.

After the Electoral College vote, Christopher Suprun sent the following reply to Dan Loeb, who had previously sent him a DVD and letter explaining why he shouldn’t vote for Donald Trump.

Mr. Loeb:

I wanted to write a belated note of thanks for sending me the DVD of the Manchurian Candidate.  I have not seen this version and was not expecting it when it arrived so just opened the package prior to Christmas.  Your note was very kind as well.  I am not sure I had courage so much as the stupidity to stand out there hoping others would join.  I guess in some sense we were successful in raising the awareness of what the Electoral College is about and somehow we did get another Republican defector.  I was somewhat surprised by that as the early results were not positive and the other Electoral College Member who voted against Donald Trump was not on our radar screens.

Nonetheless, I am thankful for your generosity and appreciate your interest in this election.  I hope it will not subside, but will continue to grow and you will stay engaged in local and community elections as well as speaking out when you see injustice.  I am honored and humbled you would be so kind to me in sending this to me and I remain respectfully yours,

In friendship and service,

Christopher Suprun
[Republican Member of the Texas Electoral College]


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