Dan Segal Honored

Seth Kreimer, Dan Segal, Bonnie Squires and Ken Myers. Photo: Bonnie Squires

Seth Kreimer, Dan Segal, Bonnie Squires and Ken Myers. Photo: Bonnie Squires

— by Bonnie Squires

The Philadelphia Jewish Voice celebrated its 11th anniversary with an award reception on September 27 in honor of Dan Segal, Esq., an outstanding attorney with the Hangley Aronchick Segal Pudlin & Schiller law firm and a well known Jewish community advocate.

A crowd of over 80 people gathered at the home of Kathy and Jeff Pasek in Ardmore. They represented the many different strands of Segal’s life and activities.

It might seem that lawyers, rabbis and university professors each inhabit separate worlds. Yet in addition to his ability as a lawyer, Segal combines the ethical and social action concerns of a rabbi with the scholarship and mentoring of a professor. Lawyers, rabbis and professors made up significant percentages of the attendees who took time out from their busy schedules to honor Segal at the reception. Those present and many others who were unable to attend, also contributed financially to the PJVoice in recognition of him.

After a time of socializing around a table spread with vegetables and fruit, PJVoice President Bonnie Squires started off the formal part of the evening with her opening remarks. Prof. Seth Kreimer, who teaches constitutional law at the University of Penn’s Law School, and has long been a friend of Segal, gave the keynote address.  He spoke about the significance of the presidential election in regards to the Supreme Court. He pointed out that the next president will pick at least one and likely several more Supreme Court justices. This will have a huge impact on the outcome of court decisions, especially in the areas of marriage equality, women’s rights and minority rights.

Ken Myers, Esq., vice president of PJVoice, gave a tribute to Segal and PJVoice publisher, Dan Loeb, presented a menorah to the honoree from the PJVoice board.

PJVoice board members Ronit Treatman and Lisa Grunberger had collected the donated buffet food from  Whole Foods South Street, A la Karte Kosher Catering, and Helen’s Pure Foods.  The weather cooperated so the event took place on the Paseks’ back patio.


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