“Gates of Shabbat:” A Guide for Reform Shabbat Practices

Gates-of-ShabbatThe Central Conference of American Rabbis (CCAR) Press, the official publisher of the Reform Movement, is releasing a 25th Anniversary edition of a guide for Shabbat practice titled, “Gates of Shabbat: A Guide for Observing Shabbat.” This new edition is a completely revised and updated version of the classic guide for Shabbat observance.

Originally published in 1991, “Gates of Shabbat: A Guide for Observing Shabbat,” was developed as a road map to understanding the ritual practices on Shabbat, from blessing the challah to lighting the Shabbat candles. The book also helps the reader to discover the personal meanings behind these practices. The book serves both as a manual “how-to” of Shabbat, and also shares poems, essays of personal stories, as well as inspiring and creative ideas for making the observance of Shabbat a time to deepen, renew, and refresh your life.

Shabbat table

Shabbat table

When asked why it was the right time to release a revised edition of the book, writer and editor Rabbi Mark Dov Shapiro said, “I realized that although Shabbat remains Shabbat, the world around Shabbat has changed substantially in these last 25 years. A changed world has to inspire new ways to engage the seventh day, and that is what emerged as Gates of Shabbat, Version 2.0 took shape.”

The Publisher and Director of CCAR Press, Rabbi Hara Person, agreed with that assessment, saying, “We know that Gates of Shabbat has been such a useful tool for Introduction to Judaism and Basic Judaism courses, and for families looking to enrich, or even begin for the first time, their Shabbat experience from home. The 25th-anniversary edition expands on the traditions found in the original version, and also assists readers in making Shabbat relatable to them in a more modern way.”

About the CCAR Press: CCAR Press is the primary publisher of the Reform Movement and a division of the Central Conference of American Rabbis. Since 1889, CCAR Press has provided essential resources for the Jewish community of today and tomorrow. Through CCAR Press, and its new imprint Reform Judaism Publishing (RJP), CCAR is the source for liturgy, sacred texts, educational materials, apps, and other content for Reform rabbis, cantors, and educators; Reform congregations and Jewish organizations; Reform Jews; and the wider Jewish community.


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