Why Is Trump Hiding his Tax Returns?

As Trump Visits Pennsylvania, State Auditor to Call on Him to Release Tax Returns, Be Accountable to Public

Trump's Tax Return?

Trump’s Tax Return?

Trump Remains the First Major Party Presidential Nominee in 40 Years to Refuse to Release His Tax Returns Ahead of Election Day

As Donald Trump campaigns in Erie and Altoona on Friday, Pennsylvania Auditor General Eugene DePasquale will join a “Hillary for Pennsylvania” press conference call to call on Trump to release his tax returns.

CaptureDemocratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine released their 2015 tax returns today. The Clinton’s released returns back to 1977 when Bill Clinton ran for President. Additional returns were released each year during Bill Clinton’s presidency. She released the following 7 years during her 2008 campaign. The remaining years (2007-2014) were released earlier this year. Similarly, Senator Tim Kaine and his wife Anne Holton have released their tax returns for the last 10 years.

DePasquale will say that Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns — the first major party nominee in modern history not to do so — is a breach of accountability and transparency, as it prevents voters in Pennsylvania and across the country from being able to determine whether Trump’s rhetoric about his net worth, charitable giving, income sources, tax rates, and potential foreign and domestic business interests comport with reality. Trump’s refusal is a stark contrast with Hillary Clinton, who has released 38 years of tax returns.

As Auditor General, DePasquale is responsible for financially auditing state agencies and programs to ensure spending is being conducted appropriately and to keep state government accountable to taxpayers. Keeping to his commitment of transparency and accountability, DePasquale was Pennsylvania’s first statewide elected official to post his expenses online.


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