Hillary’s First Rally of the General Election Campaign

Bill looks on as Hillary speaks at Temple. Photo: Mira B. Shore

Bill looks on as Hillary speaks at Temple. Photo: Mira B. Shore

After an exhilarating week for the Democrats and Philadelphia, I got to attend Hillary’s first official rally of the general elections. There was lots of energy in the air from the whole week leading up to her speech the night before. Gathering into the Temple gymnasium there was a lot of pride in our city of brotherly love. The crowd was diverse: from the crying babies to walkers and wheelchairs, all races, religions, and creeds gathered together in this historic city to cheer for this historic nominee.

We heard from local politicians, Mayor Jim Kenney, Josh Shapiro the Democratic nominee for Attorney General, Katie McGinty, the Democratic nominee for Senate, Congressman Bob Brady, and Senator Bob Casey. The highlight was when Katie McGinty gave a shout-out to the “Nuns on the Bus,” and they jumped up with glee. I love seeing these politicians to remind us, especially in my generation, of the importance of down ballot voting.

The main event was even more than it promised to be as we did not expect to see Hillary’s husband or Tim’s wife. The four of them walked into the stadium to a roaring crowd, still energized from the week. When Hillary stepped up to the podium, I felt unbelievably blessed to be right here, right now, listening to the first female nominee for president from a major party. She seemed electric from the night before, like she was still walking on air. She told us of a hopeful, optimistic, and unified future, her campaign slogan “Stronger Together” surrounding us in calm blue tones. I got to witness her in all her hot-pink pant-suit, post-Convention, newly-minted-nominee glory. I can’t stop thinking of my mother, my grandmothers, and all the grandmothers before who fought for each step of progress. I witness this moment in their honor.

Hillary Campaign Bus

Hillary Campaign Bus. Photo: Mira B. Shore

To top off the week, we were ushered out to the street to officially send off Hillary, Tim, her campaign buses, and her personal police squad on their three-day tour of Pennsylvania and Ohio. We cheered as her entourage made their way down Broad Street towards a difficult next 100 days.

Article by Mira B. Shore


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