Reagan’s Speechwriter Speaks out Against Trump

President Reagan famously said, “Tear down that wall!” Donald Trump says, “Build that wall!!!”

Doug Elmets, a staunch Republican who worked in the White House with former President Ronald Reagan, spoke to the Democratic National Convention audience on Thursday to share his thoughts about Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump  — and it wasn’t pretty. Elmets speech ends with a glorious surprise. Here is the video followed by the video transcript:

It is an honor to be here. Candidly, It’s also a shock  Not because of the momentous nature of this event or the size of the crowd, it is a shock because unlike many of you, I’m a Republican. [Cheers]

Forty years ago, I  cast my first vote for a president, voting that day like I would do, time and again. I have not just voted Republican, I worked in President Reagan’s White House. I recently led an effort to place a statue of Ronald Reagan in California’s capital. I’m here tonight to say, I knew Ronald Reagan, I worked for Ronald Reagan. Donald Trump, you are no Ronald Reagan. [Cheers]

President Reagan famously said, ‘tear down this wall.’ Trump says, build a wall, because that will make America great again? Reagan saw nuance, and Trump sees the world as us verses them, where somebody with brown skin or a foreign sounding name is likely to blame for our troubles.

Reagan knew that a leader needs diplomacy to steer us safe. Donald Trump is a petulant, dangerously unbalanced reality star. He will coddle tyrants and alienate allies. [Cheers]

I shudder to think where he will lead our great nation. Fortunately, I don’t believe he will get that chance. [Cheers]

While Hillary holds many policy positions differ from my own, her qualifications are indisputable. Hillary knows that our strength as a nation lies in uniting, not dividing. This year’s Republican platform is the most alarming I’ve ever seen. It is laced with anti-immigrant, anti-gay, anti-women positions that do not represent the views of most Americans. [insert url link here?]

That is why this year, I will vote for a Democrat for the first time. [Cheers]

To my fellow Republicans, if you believe like I do, if you believe that loyalty to our country is more important than loyalty to a party. If you want a president with good judgment, a steady hand and a temperament to represent our nation to the world, and our children, I ask is that you join me in voting for Hillary Clinton as president of the United States. [Cheers]”

Thank you.


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