Expressing Your Politics with Swag

In addition to the eloquent speeches by high-profile members of the party, Democrats of all stripes have been touting their political messages around town with great creativity. People are exuberantly exercising their First Amendment right of self-expression through slogans on t-shirts, caps, socks and the ubiquitous political buttons. From Trump toilet paper to “Chillary” iced coffee to the sold-out “Presidential Election 2016 — Moving to Canada” t-shirt, politically themed merchandise can be found all over the city.

DNC -Bill as first ladyOne t-shirt that caught the attention of Philadelphia Jewish Voice publisher Dan Loeb was sported by a Black Lives Matter delegate. The shirt expressed support for Bill Clinton as “first lady.”

However, when it comes to swag, nothing says political convention like the iconic button. The Philadelphia Jewish Voice team had the opportunity to check out — and collect — some Jewish-themed political buttons in their travels during convention week to various Jewish events. In his collection below, Dan Loeb displays the “H” button with the Hebrew words “Ani itah“, or “I am with her.” He also has the “Hillary”-in-Hebrew button which is available from the NJDC. Two iterations of the Hillary “H” logo written with the Hebrew letter hei are sported below by Barbara Goldberg Goldman, co-founder of the National Jewish Democratic Council’s Women’s Leadership Network and Daniel A. Kohl, former vice president of political affairs for J Street.

What’s next — a Hillary Clinton yarmulke? Apparently so.


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