Climate Change Video: “Not Reality TV”

dnc2016Tonight, the Democratic National Convention Committee will release a new video on climate change, called “Not Reality TV.” The video was produced by James Cameron and Maria Wilhelm and is narrated by Sigourney Weaver. It features former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jack Black, Don Cheadle and America Ferrara from “Years of Living Dangerously,” the Emmy Award-winning series on climate change.

“Not Reality TV” underscores that climate change is an urgent threat to our planet and a defining challenge of our time, emphasizing just how high the stakes are in this election. The video reminds viewers that Donald Trump has made clear that he believes climate change is a hoax, and that as president, he would not only refuse to take steps to curb climate change, but would actually roll back the progress we’ve made.

Hillary Clinton believes that we can tackle climate change by making America the world’s clean energy superpower, creating millions of well-paying jobs, taking bold steps to slash carbon pollution at home and around the world, and ensuring that no Americans are left out or left behind as we rapidly build a clean energy economy.


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