Redistricting Raised at the DNC

With the 2020 United States Census looming on the horizon, the issue of legislative redistricting is increasingly critical. In fact, it was raised on the first night of the Democratic Convention by Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy, chair of the Democratic Governors Association.

Malloy concluded his convention speech with this very clear message:

And we’re fighting for the future – by focusing on winning back governors’ seats before redistricting in the year 2020. We know how the Republicans rigged the map in 2010. That’s why we need strong Democratic governors to fight for fair maps and the policies we all believe in.

He followed up his speech with a video presentation of the initiative called Unrig the Map. The goal of this initiative is to undo the effects of Republican gerrymandering that in 2012 enabled Republicans to win the House of Representatives, despite the fact that Democrats won more votes in the congressional elections that year. The Unrig the Map strategy is to fight for the election of Democratic governors prior to the release of the 2020 census data. In many states — including Pennsylvania, at least with respect to congressional districts — governors have the power to veto redistricting bills.

Many times over the years, The Philadelphia Jewish Voice has covered the issue of redistricting and the unfair effects of gerrymandering on voting rights. As a founding member of Fair Districts PA, The Voice supports the reform of Pennsylvania’s redistricting rules to make the process of drawing electoral districts impartial, transparent and accountable.


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