Day 3 and You Are There

Boat House Row.

Boat House Row lit up red, white and blue.

The thing I felt today, which was different from the last two days, was the party truly coming together. While Bernie shirts, hats and buttons were in full display, there was really an air that we will all work tirelessly to hold the White House, regain the Senate and then move on to recapture the house in two years.

It turns out that there was a problem last night with so many guest passes to the floor that not all delegations were able to sit together for the roll call. The Fire Marshall was not pleased. Tonight, entry will be much more strict, and guest passes will be limited.

DNC - Mon. night - floor 3I was told by two members of the Pennsylvania delegation that they actually had to sit with the Arkansas delegation and they were going to find them tonight as their adopted state. Don’t worry, when you heard the votes called out, they were pre-tallied in the morning at each meeting.

Something else you might not have heard. Last night, late, there was a planned, permitted, Black Lives Matter march near the Convention Center. A number of white supremacists showed up, without permits and definitely unwanted. The police did an AWESOME job of keeping the groups apart and making sure that Black Lives Matter were able to hold the march while the idiots were kept at bay.

Another note: you may have heard that at the Bernie Sanders meeting there was a lot of booing. It didn’t really happen that way. The meeting was supposed to be closed press, and a discussion. Instead it was opened to mass media and the “Boos” they reported were actually “No’s” — not anger, not refusal, rather sadness that their campaign was truly over. There was a lot of resentment for misrepresentations by the MSM. I heard this from a number of people who attended the meeting.

EmergeI attended a training from the Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC). It had to do with running successful campaigns, organizing volunteers, planning campaign finances, etc. A terrific bunch of people gave the presentation and they had a lot of great ideas. PCCC will be offering a 3-day training next June for those who want to run for office. It’s free, but you need to qualify at their site. Contact me directly if you want more detailed information.

Now on to the speeches and the floor. Oreo posted the full list here for your viewing pleasure. It should be terrific. I can’t wait for the crowd to go wild for President Obama. Streets and highways have been closed intermittently all day for the motorcades.


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