Commute to the #DNC by Bike and Bus

bike-to-work-bicycle-coalition-900vpThe Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia urges Regional Rail riders to utilize bicycles in combination with available public transit to get to their destinations. This will be especially true during the Philadelphia Democratic National Convention, since SEPTA forecasts that repairs of defective regional rail cars will be ongoing, resulting in crowding and delays.

People in the Greater Philadelphia Region can utilize miles of bike lanes and Circuit Trails, as well as SEPTA’s bus racks and bike parking at Market-Frankford stations, Broad Street Line stations, the Norris High-Speed Line, and trolley stations.

“This is a learning moment that gives people an opportunity to use their bike for part or all of their commute, and see if it can become part of their everyday transportation routine,” says Sarah Clark Stuart, executive director of the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia. “Between the trails, bike lanes, and low-volume, low-speed streets, there are lots of routes to use for bike commuting in the Philadelphia Region.”

The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia’s website features several maps which will make it easier for commuters to find a route to work and school throughout the region. Our maps are available here. 

In addition to the bike lanes and trails in the Greater Philadelphia Region map, the Bicycle Coalition has created the “Transit and the Circuit Trails” map, showing all regional rail, high-speed line and bus stops within a quarter-mile of the Circuit Trails.

Note that bicycles are on the list of items that are prohibited from the convention venues.

All information, including how to commute using Circuit trails throughout the region, is available via this link.
  by Randy LoBasso, The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia


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