Hallel Yaffe Ariel Murdered as She Slept

Hallel Yaffe Ariel, 13 years old, murdered by terrorist.

Hillel Yaffe Ariel, 13 years old, murdered by terrorist.

We mourn the loss of Hallel Yaffe Ariel, brutally murdered while asleep in her bed. Hatred, violence, and murder of children do nothing to further the cause for peace or coexistence. Indeed it often hardens hearts making the future for two peoples even more difficult.

Let us take this time to grieve for this innocent child and refuse to let anger and hatred consume us.

May her memory be a blessing.



  1. nate says

    So much brutal violence against innocents. I tire of the passive voice that condemns the actions but not those who incite them. These horrific events do not occur on their own, but with the encouragement and sanction of government, school and religious leaders, as well as the financial rewards given to martyrs’ families that are funneled from US dollars. We all grieve and suffer for Hallel and the many others murdered. The real tragedy is that our grief and refusal to let anger and hatred consume us does not prevent this from continuing.

    • says

      My voice is far from passive. It is the voice of grief. Feeling the tragedy of her loss is what is appropriate in this moment. I suggest honoring her memory is the thing that is respectful to do now. Considered next steps come after that. How we prevent this is complex and requires a comprehensive approach far beyond assigning blame to US dollars. For now, let us bury and mourn our dead.

      • nate says

        My apologies, Rabbi Levin. I was not suggesting that you yourself are passive. I don’t know you personally. I also agree with you on the importance of mourning and respecting those who have been killed and their families. I was using the term passive voice in a literary sense, to suggest that when you wrote that “Hatred, violence, and murder of children do nothing to further the cause for peace or coexistence” it almost seems as if it just happens almost in a vacuum and isolates the action from its cause. Further, the US shares a great deal of responsibility for enabling the hatred and violence to be promoted in a financial way with our dollars to the PA, and in our responses to these incidents and the incitements. Every time a Palestinian official publicly calls for Palestinians to slit Israeli throats (as occurred days before this murder) and our president does not denounce this (or the murder), it perpetuates and supports further terrorism, just as Elie Wiesel, z”l, articulated in his discussion on silence and neutrality.

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