The Case for Hillary Clinton

My name is Steven Sheffey. I am running as a delegate to the Democratic National Convention supporting Hillary Clinton because she is the most qualified candidate in either party to move our country forward. The Republicans have promised to undo the progress we’ve made in the past eight years.

With as many as four Supreme Court slots on the line, we must ensure that the next president is a Democrat. And since Republicans will likely control of one or both chambers of Congress, we need a Democratic president who can work across the aisle to build on the success of the last eight years.

You say you want a revolution? We’re not going to get one with a Republican Congress. But trying for a revolution could risk losing the White House, which is the only check we have on the Republicans. Under Hillary Clinton, we can move forward and continue to make as much progress as is realistically possible.

As a lifelong pro-Israel activist, I am especially proud of Hillary’s foreign relations accomplishments. Hillary served as Secretary of State in one of the most pro-Israel administrations in American history. Hillary first visited Israel in 1981 and has proven to be a strong friend of the Jewish State throughout her career in public service.

As a U.S senator, Hillary fought to get Magen David Adom accepted to the International Red Cross when other nations tried to exclude the organization. She wrote and co-sponsored bills that isolated terror groups, and she pushed to crack down on incitement in Palestinian textbooks and schools.

As Secretary of State, Hillary helped assemble the international coalition necessary for effective sanctions against Iran. These tough sanctions forced Iran to the table and made possible the deal with Iran that prevents Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. Hillary is committed to making the deal work and to enforcing the deal, with military action if necessary, if Iran does not live up to its commitments.

Hillary supported Iron Dome, which has saved thousands of Israeli lives, she defended Israel at the U.N. (the Obama administration has a perfect record on Israel at the U.N.), and she opposed the biased Goldstone Report.

She firmly opposes the boycott, divestment, and sanctions movement against Israel because she understands that only a two-state solution negotiated by the parties can solve the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.

Military and intelligence cooperation between the U.S. and Israel rose to record levels during the Obama administration. Hillary is committed to ensuring that Israel maintains its qualitative military edge and favors expanding high-level U.S.-Israel strategic consultations.

Hillary’s foreign policy achievements make her not only the best qualified candidate in either party, but the candidate most likely to win in November — which is why I am proud to be running as a delegate supporting her nomination for president of the United States.


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