Torah Academy Channels Rube Goldberg

Inspired by the Technion’s Passover and Hanukkah videos, Elana Obstfeld, the Enrichment Coordinator at Torah Academy, decided to create a Rube Goldberg competition. Students were placed in groups called clusters. Each cluster thought of a project to work on.

Students in the puppetry clusters made puppets and theaters, wrote puppet shows, and performed for the preschool classes. The “Shabbos is Coming” cluster learned about preparing for Shabbat and were inspired to help people in the hospital who can not prepare for Shabbat. They made Shabbat packages for hospital patients and delivered them to Lankenau hospital. The “Chain Reaction” group built a Rube Goldberg machine that shows support for Torah Academy’s school basketball teams.

I was invited to Torah Academy’s exhibition of all the projects. The students were excited to present the results of their collaborations to each other and the whole school community. By the way they explained things, it was clear that they had learned by doing. The room was full of color, laughter, and excitement.


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