Ben Carson Addresses the Republican Jewish Coalition

— by Richard Chaitt and Scott Schley

Neurosurgeon Ben Carson was among the thirteen Republican candidates speaking at the RJC Presidential Presidential Forum. Dr. Carson was Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital where he pioneered landmark surgical techniques including hemispherectomy and the separation of conjoined twins.

Dr. Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson

Dr. Carson normally speaks ad lib but he for this occasion he was speaking from notes ostensibly because of the seriousness of the matter. His delivery more like a lecture by a college professor was a huge difference from the earlier talk by Donald Trump. He started with a number of historic references showing the ties between the United States and Israel including quotes from Presidents George Washington, John Quincy Adams and Abraham Lincoln.

Dr. Carson believes the next President must focus on a long term solution to the Israel-Palestine issue, and the goal must not only be to give the Palestinians a state, but also assure Israel would remain a Jewish state for generations to come.

Dr. Carson pointed out Palestine is a divided land: Fatah and Hamas fight each other and there is no united Palestinian government. He sees the Arab minority in Israel as a problem and the 1967 borders as indefensible.

He thinks it is a red herring to say the Israel-Palestine situation is the cause for all problems in the Mideast or the World citing the statistic that over 11,000,000 Arabs were killed in conflicts since 1948, but only 35,000 died in the Israel-Palestine conflict. He pointed out Israel that is a bastion of Western Civilization and needs to be supported.

On domestic matters, he wants to reduce taxes to strengthen the economy and military.

He said “Judeo-Christian values” need to be the foundation of our policies. He is clearly a man of profound faith and it is easy to see how Fundamental Christians see him as a kindred spirit.


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