Cosby May Regret “Spanish Fly” Episode

December 30, 2015 mug shot of Bill Cosby following an arraignment for felony sexual assault of Andrea Constand.

December 30, 2015 mug shot of Bill Cosby following an arraignment for felony sexual assault of Andrea Constand.

The incident of the “Spanish Fly” which Bill Cosby jokes about in Chapter 10 of his biographical comedy Childhood strikes a bit too close to home now that Cosby has been charged with aggravated indecent assault for having engaged in similar behavior.

Andrea Constand alleges that in January 2004, she was surreptitiously drugged by her employer after she visited him at his home for career advice and that he used this opportunity to fondle her.

Cornstand raised these allegations first in 2005, but Montgomery County District Attorney Bruce Castor declined to pursue charges saying there was not enough evidence. Instead Cornstand decided to pursue civil charges against Cosby and they settled out of court. Excerpts of Cosby’s disposition in the civil suit have now been released in which Cosby admits having obtained opiates to give to women in order to have sex with them.

Although it was difficult for people to accept accusations against a local legend and cultural icon like Bill Cosby, other women have since come forward with similar allegations and last November Deputy District Attorney Kevin Steele defeated Bruce Castor in the general election after a bitter campaign which featuring the handling of the Cosby case as a key issue.

Obviously, Cosby’s book was written for comedic effect and is not strictly factual, but it speaks to a boys-will-be-boys attitude which can no longer be condoned.

… Junior Barnes told us about Spanish Fly, an aphrodisiac so potent that it could have made Lena Horne surrender to Fat Albert. “You feed this to a girl and she goes crazy for you… You gotta slip it to her when she thinks she’s drinkin’ somethin’ else. A coupla drops in her Dr Pepper. But you gotta be careful not to give her too much,” said “Junior, “or she’ll go for a flagpole instead o’ you.”

“Well, how d’ya know how much?” I said. “Does it say on the bottle?”

“Soon as her clothes come off, that’s enough.”

… And he led us to the bowl of punch, where he poured some into a glass, dropped in a bit of the precious powder, and stirred it with two fingers, a sight to make any girl swear off liquids. But when his fingers came out, the Spanish Fly hadn’t dissolved: it sat on the punch like newly fallen snow.

“A girl see that,” said Eddie, “she’s gonna suspect somethin'”

“He’s right,” I said. “No girl’s gonna drink power unless she’s really thirsty.”

“Okay,” said Junior, “then we sprinkle it on the cookies. It looks like sugar anyway.”

Was this tasteless childhood anecdote actually the blueprint for an adult sex crime? Or are the accusers turning once humorous fiction into claimed fact for their own motives? Cosby will soon have his day in court and we will learn more.


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