Oregon Shooter’s Access to Weaponry Was Too Easy

Memorial-candle-copyThe mass shooting and murder at Umpqua College in Roseburg, Oregon has made this yet another difficult and tragic week in the U.S. The murderer did this with weaponry that was too easily accessible.

We need to commit ourselves to keep guns out of the hands of people seeking to harm others as evidenced by a violent criminal history or by a struggle with mental illness. People who are inherently irresponsible cannot handle guns responsibly.

We cannot accept that mass murder and domestic terror are acceptable costs of living in the U.S. Yet every time we allow no constructive action to reign in gun violence in this country we become part of the problem. These deaths are no longer just the responsibility of individual actors, be they angry or crazy. The blood is now on our hands.

As President Obama said in the wake of the tragedy, “Our thoughts and prayers are not enough.” We need to support responsible legislation that requires background checks of individuals for criminal and psychological issues; documentation registration of all guns and all transfers of ownership, public and private; performing background checks on sale of ammunition; and training and licensing of gun owners.

Our condolences extend to the families that have been ripped apart by senseless violence. May we honor the memories of the slain through action to prevent this from happening again.


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