5 Video Games to Play This Summer

Summer is at its peak, and it is a great time to turn on the air conditioner, sit on the couch or chair, and play games on your favorite platform until the evening.

The PlayStation 4 Console and Xbox One have been with us for a year and a half, and have a great selection of games by now. They both can be found for less than $400. Graphically, the PlayStation 4 is the superior console, but some prefer the Xbox One as they want to play specific exclusives.

If you have a decent PC from recent years, a video card that costs about $200 can make it a gaming machine superior to both consoles, if you know someone who knows how to install the card.

This article will cover some of the best games available for all three platforms right now.

Best Action Game: Tomb Raider

The 2013 reboot of one of the most successful series of the 1990s, called simply Tomb Raider, and released for the new consoles last year as Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, is one of the best games that I have played in my lifetime. This game shows how Lara Croft developed from an insecure archeologist to the fearless adventurer that we know.

Lara was part of an expedition set to research the legend of Himiko: the Japanese queen who could control the weather and an alleged ancestor of Lara’s best friend, Sam. The expedition’s ship crashes onto an island, and Lara learns that the same has happened to any ship or aircraft passing near the island for years. As so, the island is inhibited by hundreds of survivors who believe that Himiko will not let them leave until they bring her a woman who can serve as her new body. Once the rumor about Sam’s ancestry spreads, the island’s inhabitants kidnap her, and Lara has to learn to climb mountains and fight animals and people alike in order to save her friend.

320Camilla Luddington’s superb voice acting and animation modeling for Lara, as well as the believable script, make it easy to forget that Lara is not a real person. It is hard not to feel for Lara when she bursts into tears after she kills a man who tried to rape her.

The game is remarkably easy to control, with Lara taking cover automatically when enemies are around. The game also saves the player’s progress frequently, so you will never have to repeat a battle or a climbing sequence just because you failed the next one.

Best Platform Game: Rayman Legends

Platform games are known for involving sequences of jumping between platforms in surrealistic game worlds. Designed to fit all ages, Rayman Legends presents its obstacles gradually, so it is always clear what needs to be done, but it is not always easy. The game’s diversity of color and music is reflective of its diversity of gameplay.

Best Open-World Game: Grand Theft Auto V

Open-world games are set in realistically-sized virtual cities, and typically involve many pursuits in various vehicles. The Grand Theft Auto series has become infamous for its “extreme” violence, but the truth is that alongside the typical action-movie-style shooting, it uses obviously unrealistic violence for comic effect. Set in a fictional version of Los Angeles, Grand Theft Auto V does involve some breathtaking pursuits over vast virtual distances. The only problem is that despite everything that happens around you, what you do most of the time is the same kind of driving over and over again.

Best Sports Game: NBA 2K15

If you miss the NBA’s basketball in the summer, NBA 2K15 can make you feel like David Blatt as you lead the Cleveland Cavaliers, or any other team, and try to win the championship. This is also a great game for playing casual matches against your friends, either through the internet or with an extra controller. You can even create a fictional version of yourself, and try to make it as a player.

Best Shooting Game: Far Cry 4

Shooting games are typically played from a first-person perspective, and almost anything that happens in their plots is basically an excuse for shooting. However, Far Cry 4 also lets you ride elephants, and drive many more (and even less) conventional vehicles, in a beautiful Himalayan setting.

You play as Ajay, a U.S. citizen who returns to his fictional homeland to scatter his mother’s ashes. As Ajay learns about the history of his family, he decides to complete his parents’ life mission: eliminating the country’s evil dictator.


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